Anti-Golden signs miss mark

In the past few weeks, fans flocked to Twitter to grieve the latest lackluster football season, with frustrations still burning long after the final games were played. This anger reached its peak when students reported having their signs with slogans such as “#FireAlGolden” confiscated during men’s basketball games at the BankUnited Center.

The question of whether these signs were explicitly banned is not entirely clear. There was an official rule banning signs, though it appears to have been added after the signs were confiscated.

The actions of the BUC are not beyond reproach. By never clearly defining their policy regarding signs, they exposed themselves to a situation for which they were unprepared. Though they were within their legal rights to confiscate the signs as owners of the venue, simply being legal is not enough of a justification. As a result, the BUC appeared to be capricious and opaque. Going forward, more explicit rules will be vital to improve the relations between the BUC and their fans.

The BUC should not shoulder the entire weight of these consequences.

Rules aside, these signs are simply in bad taste. Basketball games are, and should be, about basketball. Bringing signs with slogans like “Fire Al Golden” to a basketball game is nothing more than a distraction, and confiscating the signs was not completely unthinkable for a number of reasons.

There is also a sense of futility to them; the administration has made it clear that Al Golden will still be on board next season. The purpose of these signs in the context of a basketball game then seems pointless. If fans wish to express their opinions, there are other outlets to achieve that. Twitter has proven that already.

Standards of decency have to apply. A venue has its policies, and they should be respected even if they were not clearly promoted to fans.

As misguided as the sign drama is, however, it approaches a deeper issue that must be addressed. Many people feel frustrated by the way the football program is run and feel as though it needed a significant change to return to its former glory.

For better or worse, the near future of UM football has been decided, and it is time to focus on the spring semester’s sports season.

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January 21, 2015


Editorial Board

The Miami Hurricane

6 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Anti-Golden signs miss mark”

  1. Joke says:

    The editorial board has shown once again that it is a joke. That’s why I’ve stopped contributing to the paper.

  2. BoriCane says:

    As an alumni, BBA ’76, I am embarrassed by the Editorial Board posture regarding this topic. As an editorial board of the principal news outlet for UM students your position clearly depicts a lack of understanding of the issues at hand. Worse than that, it seems to be a hack for the administration public relations message.

    As students of a higher learning institution I invite you to challenge the politically correct message of the administration and become independent thinkers with a more indepth analysis of the issue at hand. The issue at hand is a much more complex than your write up suggests.

    Take this opportunity to demonstrate your intellectual and analytical abilities. At the end, the process will enrich your educational experience and your contribution will become more valuable.

  3. Cane4Life says:

    The University of North Korea

  4. CaneAlum says:

    Agree with commenter above. Who are you, or the “majority of the editorial board” to decide what us appropriate speech. Freedom of speech should be protected in all forms no matter how much you disagree. The first amendment was written to protect independent thought regardless of whether it is bad taste or not.

    The BUC’s decision to outlaw signs is a direct result of the University’s desire to quash free speech. Signs have been present at basketball games for ever and I can do a google search of many fans holding signs, even a picture of President Shalala holding a sign at a basketball game.

    The bottom line is that taste or decency have no bearing on any person’s right to express their opinion. This is protected by the Constitution of the Unites States and the BUC’s decision to ban signs in an effort to save themselves from being embarrassed is cowardly.

  5. Tony says:

    What a bunch of Establishment Wusses! The best you have is “NOT IN GOOD TASTE”? There was nothing objectionable on those signs, Wusses. Your other so called points are the epitome of manufactured propaganda. Their ignorance stands as a testament to your education, SHAMEFUL and DISGRACEFUL.

  6. Canefan79 says:

    “Rules aside, these signs are simply in bad taste. Basketball games are, and should be, about basketball. Bringing signs with slogans like “Fire Al Golden” to a basketball game is nothing more than a distraction, and confiscating the signs was not completely unthinkable for a number of reasons.”

    “Not completely unthinkable” Gee, I guess Dr. King’s Selma march was thought of by the local majority populace as being in “Bad Taste” too…Will another of your writer’s say that is a “silly” comparision? Ever hear of the Broken Window Theory? All it takes is one little rationalization (funny, the Hurricane’s “number of reasons” are as opaque as the BUC’s rules were…Why don’t you detail them?) for DENYING free speech and you are down the slippery slope of enforcing more restrictions…It is not just the press who enjoy freedom because of the 1st Amendment; Freedom of Speech is also protected by it.

    I implore you to stop intimidating student’s expressing THEIR RIGHTS, especially since you can’t articulate any reasons why they should be silenced.

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