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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dear V: Why is ‘hooking up’ catching so many people?

What is with the whole hooking up thing? I just don't understand it. Why does no one at UM want to have a girlfriend or be in a relationship?

Dear V: Exhausting workout also provides exhausting problem

DISCLAIMER: The following column includes information about personal bodily functions. If you are not comfortable with this subject matter, The Miami Hurricane advises that you not read any further.

Dear V: The spark is gone from my online lover. How...

I just met this great guy on MySpace. We hit it off great online! The problem started when we decided to meet in person. For some reason all of our chemistry is gone. What happened to the charming, funny, sexy guy from MySpace? What can I do to get him back?

Dear V: How can I deal with a girl who can’t...

I recently started dating a girl on my floor. Last week we had sex for the first time, and just as things were getting good she stopped when she noticed that I am lacking in a certain department down there. The problem is I have only one testicle due to an accident when I was 5, and she says it's a major turn-off for her. Is there anything I can do to get her to stop focusing on it so we can move past it and enjoy our relationship?

Dear V: Grad school really weighing me down, but will men...

I have always been overweight. I got a bariatric procedure as a high school graduation gift. I lost a lot of weight and continued to lose through my freshman year. As a sophomore I started to enjoy a social life and a sex life. Now that I am in grad school the weight has crept back and I am heavier than ever. Are men so shallow that they only buy into what Hollywood and fashion dictate? I'm still the same me, just jigglier.

Dear V: After rejecting God, my friends and family rejected me....

Recently I came out as an atheist, and feel very alone. My parents keep telling me how disappointed they are that I am going to hell, and many of my friends and family have distanced themselves from me. This is supposed to be a secular campus but there’s no support group for me. How can I cope? Is there anywhere I can go for acceptance?

Dear V: Should I tell roommate about me and her boyfriend’s...

I don' t know what to do. I accidentally slept with my roommate's boyfriend while she was working. Am I guilty of betraying my roommate's friendship? This was not premeditated by me and besides, I was in a deep sleep when the episode started. Should I tell her?

Dear V: My beau’s B.O. is bodaciously bad

I am planning to marry my boyfriend after he finishes law school. I couldn't have found a better match for myself, but I can't stomach the way he smells. This is not bad breath or odor from sweat, but rather just his natural skin smell. Are we doomed?

Dear V: How can I spice up my pillow talk?

My girlfriend told me that she wanted to take our sex life to the next level. She wants us to start talking dirty to each other in bed. Unfortunately, I've never done this before and don't know what to say. Do you have any advice for what I should say?

Dear V: How to reach the finish line with distracted boyfriend

My boyfriend has OCD and has a major problem with touching me "down there." He says it's gross and he just can't deal with it. I have tried talking to him about it numerous times, but I end up feeling really bad because he gets so upset. Do you have any advice?

Dear V: After V-Day love, I want to break it off....

I just got back from my Valentine's Day date with my girlfriend of nine months. The dinner was going very well until my girlfriend told me that she loved me. Once she dropped that emotional bomb on me, I realized that I don't have any romantic feelings for her anymore. How soon after Valentine's Day is it okay to dump her?

Dear V: How can I get my girlfriend to clear out...

There is a situation with my girlfriend that I’m not sure how to handle delicately. To put it gently, she needs a serious trim.