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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Okay, maybe ‘Glee’ wasn’t all that bad

When you are able to see people who look like you, act like you, speak like you and come from the same place you come from, it serves as an inspiration.

An open letter to straight women

Okay, straight women. I have some sh*t to say. There’s some stuff you do that’s offensive, so I’m here to clear up any confusion you’re having.

V’s guide to being a good ally

Allies wield an incredible amount of power in situations of discrimination, whether regarding race, gender or sexuality. Saying that you are an ally is much easier than being a good ally, so what exactly does acting as a good ally entail?

It’s only right to fall in love twice

Some people may think it’s an ignorant thing to say or think, but I believe that we only fall in love once. If a person can fall in love more than 10 times, then what is so special about it?

So this is love?

I despise when “love” is thrown around too loosely. If you think you truly loved someone who you sometimes forget exists, you never loved them. You may have thought you loved your ex-boyfriend from high school or that girl who sucked your dick because you felt sad, but you just really liked them.

Quarantine blues

I am constantly surrounded by my friends and loved ones. Well, I used to be until the coronavirus decided to literally ruin everything. The lack of partying, physically attending classes, and seeing my favorite people around the clock has forced me to face the dreadful loneliness I feel inside. How do I manage without my usual distractions?

DIY time

With COVID-19 postponing my usual string of dick appointments, my remaining options to get off include me, myself and I. I have never been successful in my attempts at self-service and the concept of masturbation just makes me uncomfortable. Any advice?

In your dreams

“Do you ever dream of people you used to be friends with?” she asked me between bites of asian cuisine.

Keeping busy during quarantine

Practicing social distancing does not mean all sexual endeavors must come to a halt. Depending solely on another person to be physically with you in order to feel pleasure is unhealthy. It’s time to get creative. Here are three ways to keep busy during quarantine.

Coronavirus f**ked up my sex life

While classes can survive online, my sex life cannot. The administration’s decision to shut down campus has drastically affected my hopes for any kind of action for the remainder of the semester.

Are you a top, bottom or verse?

I've never been one for labels, but knowing your position can make or break your sex life. As the ancient proverb reads, two bottoms don't make a top.

SPOTTED: Sex on the IM fields

The sprinklers were on full blast making the situation even wetter, just like that kiss scene in “High School Musical 2,” except disgusting.