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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Role play

There are endless ways to spice up your sex life, and not all of them require contorting your body or purchasing expensive sex toys to make things extra steamy. I’m talking about role play.

Sex Party

I don’t like talking politics. However, there are two other opinion columns pissing off more people than me, and I can’t pretend I’m not jealous.

Butt stuff

My boyfriend is obsessed with asking me if we can try anal. I have repeatedly told him no, but it isn’t because I am completely turned off by the idea of it. I am just extremely nervous that it could go wrong. Any tips for experimenting with butt play?

Taking the perfect nude

My girlfriend chose the remote-learning option for the fall semester, while I chose on-campus. Our relationship is strong. However, our sexual intimacy has been deteriorating with the distance. She recommended sharing nudes, but I have never taken one before.

V’s sex toy must-haves

Natural simulation is great, but let’s face the truth. Sex toys can do things your partner simply can’t. However, there’s still an element of shame around seeking pleasure through a purchase at a local adult store. To help you cut through the chagrin, V has rounded up some must-haves that no one should be sheepish about enjoying.

Follow Up: Open Sesame

Breaking up with someone isn’t killing them. Giving each other the space to grow and heal is necessary.

Mama raised a snitch

The top-tier fraternities' brotherly love is reinforced by proverbs such as, “If you snitch, I snitch.” This code of conduct will apply to those hosting continuous illegal parties on-and off-campus during a worldwide pandemic.

Naked in public

About 35 minutes from our Coral Gables campus is the only place you can legally get completely naked in public: Haulover Beach.

Open sesame

While sex with one person for an indefinite amount of time works for some, for others it can feel unnatural. Relationships can fall on a spectrum. Create an arrangement that provides the comfort of commitment, while still enjoying your freedoms.

Affirmative Action for tops

This is a call for action. A modern-day gay manifesto.

You’re still a virgin?

It’s my freshman year of college and I’m still a virgin. It’s not like I’ve avoided sex, but it just wasn’t one of my prioirities. Sex doesn’t even seem like a big deal to me. I just don’t want to be judged. What should I do?

White gays, we need to talk…

This is personal. This is political. This is me writing not as a journalist or an editor, but as a black, queer woman who is tired. So, without further ado, white gays, let’s chat.