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Coral Gables
Sunday, July 3, 2022

How to schedule a d*ck appointment

There is this guy I used to hook up with a lot in the beginning of fall, and the sex was incredible. Between studying for exams and going home for breaks, we haven’t been getting busy as much as I’d like to. How do I reconnect with him for some finals week stress relief?

Hooking up with frat boys

The point of this article is to start a real conversation about the hookup culture on campus, alongside a laugh. Also, calm down. I already know your father is a lawyer. This is an anonymous hook up column, so suck on my dick and my balls.

Are you a top, bottom or verse?

I've never been one for labels, but knowing your position can make or break your sex life. As the ancient proverb reads, two bottoms don't make a top.

V is for vaccinated

If you find yourself aching to grind on a handsome stranger, asking them to flex a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card might just be your new pick up line.

Butt stuff

My boyfriend is obsessed with asking me if we can try anal. I have repeatedly told him no, but it isn’t because I am completely turned off by the idea of it. I am just extremely nervous that it could go wrong. Any tips for experimenting with butt play?

Open sesame

While sex with one person for an indefinite amount of time works for some, for others it can feel unnatural. Relationships can fall on a spectrum. Create an arrangement that provides the comfort of commitment, while still enjoying your freedoms.

Dear V: I am not a whore, but I like to...

I recently had my first serious relationship. It was not that lengthy but it was hot and heavy, and I lost my virginity to...

Sex: There’s an app for that

A dating app might be the easiest way to get your heart (and loins) a-flutterin' this spring.

Sex Party

I don’t like talking politics. However, there are two other opinion columns pissing off more people than me, and I can’t pretend I’m not jealous.

SPOTTED: Sex on the IM fields

The sprinklers were on full blast making the situation even wetter, just like that kiss scene in “High School Musical 2,” except disgusting.

Affirmative Action for tops

This is a call for action. A modern-day gay manifesto.

Naked in public

About 35 minutes from our Coral Gables campus is the only place you can legally get completely naked in public: Haulover Beach.