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Friday, September 24, 2021

How many shots?

Inspired by the TikTok trend, I will be answering the question of how many shots it would take for me to hook up with various University of Miami icons.

V is for vaccinated

If you find yourself aching to grind on a handsome stranger, asking them to flex a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card might just be your new pick up line.

HIV is not a joke

Educating ourselves and others to increase awareness leads to prevention and eliminating the stigma.

How to prepare for a funeral

It is now an undisputed fact that members of Greek Life have engaged in anti-social distancing, anti-masking and anti-human attitudes and behaviors.

A very COVID-19 Valentine’s

Even with social distancing encouraged, COVID-19 can’t keep Cupid away.

Moving forward

The majority of my friend group has been attending frat parties, clubs and anywhere else that COVID-19 could be brewing. While I have put my health and safety first by staying at home, it seems I lost those closest to me in exchange. Are these friendships worth fighting for even if I will most likely end up battling COVID-19 because of them?

Confessions from a former asshole

I have just arrived on campus as a spring transfer student. While I am excited for my future endeavors, I feel anxious that my shitty past will somehow catch up to me. Long story short: I used to be an asshole. Any advice for someone trying to turn over a new leaf?

Role play

There are endless ways to spice up your sex life, and not all of them require contorting your body or purchasing expensive sex toys to make things extra steamy. I’m talking about role play.

Sex Party

I don’t like talking politics. However, there are two other opinion columns pissing off more people than me, and I can’t pretend I’m not jealous.

Butt stuff

My boyfriend is obsessed with asking me if we can try anal. I have repeatedly told him no, but it isn’t because I am completely turned off by the idea of it. I am just extremely nervous that it could go wrong. Any tips for experimenting with butt play?

Taking the perfect nude

My girlfriend chose the remote-learning option for the fall semester, while I chose on-campus. Our relationship is strong. However, our sexual intimacy has been deteriorating with the distance. She recommended sharing nudes, but I have never taken one before.

V’s sex toy must-haves

Natural simulation is great, but let’s face the truth. Sex toys can do things your partner simply can’t. However, there’s still an element of shame around seeking pleasure through a purchase at a local adult store. To help you cut through the chagrin, V has rounded up some must-haves that no one should be sheepish about enjoying.