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Making Miami moves: What to expect during new-student move-in

Moving-in can be hectic with cardboard boxes flung across the room, daunting piles of clothes spread across the floor and one too many trips to the nearest Target. However, the endless treks up-and-down Stanford’s painfully slow elevators will all be worth it, because this a move to the home of sunshine, Pitbull and palm trees. This is your “Move to Miami.” In preparation for new student move-in, here are few things to note as you make your way down to the University of Miami.

Here’s where to visit to take advantage of living in Miami:...

Miami is more than just palm trees, beaches, over-crowded nightclubs and all the other things Will Smith sings about in his 1998 hit single, “Miami.”

Aspiring pediatric nurse and gymnast Sarina Battacharya excited to begin studying at...

Sarina Battacharya, an incoming freshman nursing major at the University of Miami and an aspiring pediatric nurse, has spent over 14 years training child gymnasts at her local gym in Coppell, Texas.

With eyes set on the NFL, the Hurricanes’ 2021 draft class...

Few college football programs around the country can compare with the Miami Hurricanes when it comes to acquiring, producing and developing talent at the collegiate level.

Not just football: Fall athletics include soccer, volleyball, cross country

With COVID-19 protocols and regulations winding down, fans can expect fall sports teams to resume their normal activities. Here’s what to expect from women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and men’s and women’s cross country.

A commuter’s guide to campus

Commuting is its own art form — a balancing act where commuters negotiate reckless Miami drivers, club meetings after hours, making it to class on time and pesky parking fees. Whether students stay with family or rent an apartment nearby, it can feel overwhelming at times. Here are some tips to help put those worries on mute for an easier commute.

A freshman’s guide to getting around Miami

At the University of Miami, freshmen are not allowed to have cars unless you are a commuter, which means you must find your way around the city on your own. But don’t worry, it isn’t as hard as it seems.

Graduate deans share journeys to academia, advice for first-year students

Dean Henri Ford - Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine Henri R. Ford became dean of the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine on...

Prime real estate: The best study-spots on campus

College is a time to figure out what your preferences are and many students quickly search for the best study spots on campus outside of the library. At the U, there are plenty of locations for students to change up their scenery and get work done.

Euphonium and bass trombone artist Natalie Colegrove excited to continue music...

“When I started the band, I felt an immediate connection to my instrument,” Colegrove said. “I loved my instrument more than anyone else, and I tried to practice harder than everyone else because I genuinely enjoyed it.”

UM administrators confident Greek Life can return to normal this year

After a long year of remote events and disciplinary action, the Dean of Students Office is optimistic that Greek life on campus will begin the transition back to normality this fall.

Eat! A selective campus dining guide

Considering all the hours freshmen spend on campus, knowing where to get the best meal for different appetites, palates and diets is important.