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Miami freshman pushes through pain by dedicating every game to late...

When it was time for her first official game at the University of Miami, the freshman guard was absent, and it wasn’t because she was nervous. That same day was her grandmother’s funeral.

Female football student equipment managers shed light on working in male-dominated...

“I said, ‘coach, I’m not a little girl, throw me the ball. I can catch it.’ And once I told him that, he started throwing me the ball. He said, ‘oh, you really can catch,’” Powell said. “The same thing you expect from a man on the job is the same you should expect from a woman.”

Macedonian-born freshman builds on his tennis prestige in US

Before he could envision himself serving a tennis ball on the red clay at the famous Stade Roland-Garros courts during the Junior French Open, Bojan Jankulovski could recite the capital of every European country by the age of 3.

Jim Morris continues legacy for his final year at UM

Morris has become one of the most well-known names in baseball and has inspired players throughout their college and major league journeys.

UM track star set goal, sprinted toward it

Every field day, Isaiah Taylor was challenged to race other kids, and each time, he would win. He put his speed on display and went from racing against classmates to racing against the clock in high school.

After competing in Thorpe Cup, Michelle Atherley is aiming for 2020...

Now that Atherley has competed on an international stage, she said she is ready to take her talents to the next level at the 2020 Olympics.

Former UM star switches gears, finds success in business

Jack McClinton’s name hangs among a small group of UM legends in the rafters of the BankUnited Center, and the former basketball star is...

Trevon Hill eager for matchup against former team

“I couldn’t even express to you how bad I want to play this game,” Hill said.

Hurricanes baseball coach Jim Morris reflects on beginnings, family

Count on Hurricanes baseball coach Jim Morris to wear two things on game day: the No. 3 that has become his namesake, and a...

Kameron McGusty has been a year in the making

McGusty’s improved play has been supplemented by the strong bond he formed with his teammates during his time off.

Sophomore Dewan Huell determined to thrive for his hometown

Before games, when his name is announced in the starting lineup, Huell makes his way through the huddle, receiving enthusiastic high-fives from his teammates. Once he reaches the end, senior Ja'Quan Newton places an imaginary crown on Huell's head – the "King of Miami."

Dewi Weber aims to master golf while redefining it

Dewi Weber is a prominent force in the golfing world with a dream of playing in the 2020 Olympics. She consistently places in the top-10 individual rankings, propelling...