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Kuwaiti native ‘breaking boundaries’ for women while attending UM

In Kuwait, it's common for women to get married and start a family without following a career path. Senior Hanya Al-Khamis is looking to divert from that path.

She picked UM out of 45 other schools four years ago,...

"I wanted to go where Lizzie McGuire was," Pampana said. "I wanted to go where Raven was."

Graduating student’s love for architecture started with a lego set

Legos are often looked at as a children's toy. For Marcus Riley, it was so much more.

He changed his major 5 times before finding the right one

Senior Matt Weinman took a GoPro to South Africa. He came back with a new perspective on what he wanted to do in the future.

Student looks to keep twin brother’s memory alive after graduation

The twin brothers shared everything before and at UM. But when David Lin died, Rick Lin was left to continue on their collective journey alone.

Senior plans to spend the next 5 years researching life at...

They say hard work pays off. Samantha Shawver got a head start on her "hard work" by balancing two demanding majors and a slew of extracurriculars.

Senior accepted into UM Law wasn’t always law school ready

Tyler Cianciulli knew he had to maintain good grades and a high GPA to get into law school. But he needed a wake up call to make it happen.

Musical theater major uses last year to impress audiences in New...

Daniel Barrett is no stranger to performing. From musical productions to UM's DragOut competition, he's done it all. But recently he took his talents to the Big Apple.

‘He believed she could fly’ – ROTC student finds unexpected career...

ROTC student Anna Samuel went from a “quiet cadet” to self-assured and determined.

One of the faces of SG on leaving behind leadership positions

Senior Adrian Nuñez always knew he wanted to be involved in Student Government. So when he got to UM, he didn't waste any time.