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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ranking lists don’t reflect full UM experience

Our school is one of the best in the nation, and you can see it in the student life, the testimonies of alumni, the faculty and our beautiful campus.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, we must find ways to...

The road to recovery from hurricanes isn’t easy, and it might take some time, but everyone needs to mobilize first.

We need to talk about the Amazon fires

The wildfires are foreboding in nature: we are in a time of rapid change that is threatening our existence.

Start off your semester right

Do whatever you can to start off fresh, have a good time and have a great year.

Why are student media outlets still being censored?

Imagine if the Miami Hurricane staff wasn't able to freely call out our administration in editorials or if our opinion writers couldn’t voice their thoughts on controversial topics such as abortion or hazing. We can’t, and no one should have to.

It’s on you, Joe Biden

When Biden visited, he called upon students to set a new standard and change cultural norms. Now, we’re calling upon him to have integrity and truly apologize to those he has hurt whether it was what he intended or not.

Procrastination: Is it really just laziness?

We’ve all been in this situation before: It’s the weekend, and you have tons of homework to do. But you put it off and you continually do so until it’s hours away from the due date, and now you feel terrible because you’re nowhere near done.

Celebrate all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day

Why does a day of love seem to be ruled by the laws of economics?

Sebring shooting shows need for even stronger gun laws in Florida

We tried, but Sebring showed us that we need try harder.

The harsh reality of our government shutdown

This shutdown- a display of the President’s pride and garish political showmanship- is an act of complete selfishness.

Discover (or remember) who you are in college

At college, you have to the opportunity to curate your own experience and be a different person. Whether willingly or not, being on your own will show you parts of yourself you’ve never seen before.

We’re sick of it

You feel it all around you: hacking coughs, sniffly noses, raspy voices, and more.