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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Start off your semester right

Do whatever you can to start off fresh, have a good time and have a great year.

I-Week promotes globalism, challenges closed-border rhetoric

International Week is fully underway on the UC Patio. The driving force of this year’s theme, “Worlds Imagined,” is the idea of unhindered travel....

Chapter disbandment doesn’t fix deeper issue

Nearly two weeks after the 50th anniversary of the historic civil rights march in Selma, Ala., the nation is still unsure of its footing...

Republican debate presents historic educational opportunity for UM students

Next Thursday night, the University of Miami will serve as the venue for the 12th-televised Republican debate at the BankUnited Center. The opportunity to...

Overpacked sorority suites signal need for change in recruitment

Five hundred and fifty women at the University of Miami were offered bids to Panhellenic sororities this past spring, shattering the expectations of recruitment officers. While...

Dear students, please get your vaccine

We know that getting vaccinated isn’t the only solution for a post-COVID world as our reality is much more nuanced than that. But it’s the right step.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the COVID-era can be tricky but possible

If we forget the materialistic gains and the capitalistic outlook that has permeated the meaning of Valentine’s Day, we can find that this day can be one of healing.

Focus on positive growth in freshman year

The incoming freshman class of 2020 was selected with a 38-percent acceptance rate, continuing the trend of increasingly selective admission at UM. With a...

After the march, taking the next steps toward change

On Friday, the 45th president was inaugurated. The next day, half a million individuals marched on Washington, D.C. in the Women’s March, a millions...

Dear senders of angry emails: Here’s why we do what we...

There’s never a good time to break bad news. So why do we do it?

Why are student media outlets still being censored?

Imagine if the Miami Hurricane staff wasn't able to freely call out our administration in editorials or if our opinion writers couldn’t voice their thoughts on controversial topics such as abortion or hazing. We can’t, and no one should have to.

The Miami Hurricane editorial board endorses Joe Biden

A good president will vow to do away with partisanship for the overall good of this country, and this is why we are endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for this year’s presidential race: a man who has already vowed to be a president to all.