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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Dear admin: To stop the spread, we have to stop enabling...

The situation is dire and can get so much worse. With so many more students back on campus, there is a higher risk for infection and a higher need for responsibility.

Unpaid internships perpetuate inequality

Having to choose between gaining experience and making money is not a decision students should be balancing in a society as advanced as ours.

The Miami Hurricane editorial board endorses Joe Biden

A good president will vow to do away with partisanship for the overall good of this country, and this is why we are endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for this year’s presidential race: a man who has already vowed to be a president to all.

Lessons we must learn from the fall semester

From the lack of accountability for fraternities and sororities continuing to party, to the university's mishandling of the polarizing tension of the election, last year’s affairs aren’t done with.

We want you to vote in student government elections

The more we pour into student government, the more they pour back into us.

UM’s response to COVID-19: The good, the bad and the uncertain

But as a university that’s tasked with emergency management quite frequently, the response from our school should have been better.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community. You should too.

In this time, we all have a role to play in the reformation we hope will happen to this country. We support the peoples’ right to protest and to not be at the mercy of state-sanctioned weapons, and we are grateful for those willing to put their bodies on the frontline curing a pandemic.

Why we run anonymous sources

Even in being anonymous, these sources bring a needed perspective and awareness to the story that would not have been there otherwise.

How to celebrate democracy after it’s been attacked

The country will breathe a collective sigh of relief as we all move on from the Trump-era of American history.

If UM wants to be on the right side of history,...

During this time of immense Black death and trauma, Black students shouldn’t have to go through the labor of theorizing justice for themselves and other counterparts.

We need more reading days

We are calling on the school and administration to extend our reading days. In the past, we were given three full days, but since 2013, they have been cut down.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: An opportunity for service and relearning

So many times, we’ve seen questions like “What would MLK say or do if he were here today?” and these statements are often ahistorical because King has spoken about inequality of all kinds.