Grads part of UM

When I first arrived here as a graduate student about four years ago, I spent the first two years adjusting to my new life and submerged myself in the graduate student way of life-which meant I spent most of my time shuttling between my house, classes and the library. It wasn’t until much later that…


UM student government needs to improve process

With all of the complaining that I do about the University of Miami, one would think that I was at least up to date on the activity of our student government. Sadly, as of last week, I could not really claim to know what they talk about, where they meet, who is involved or even…


Prestige or Education?

It was brought to the attention of the students of the School of International Studies that the school was being dismantled, and that all curriculum and school structure would soon become a part of the College of Arts and Sciences. As can be expected, many students and quite a few professors became upset. The general…


Beware of falling fronds

A few significant phenomena at Suntan U. merit examination. Not seldom have I observed large fronds hanging precariously off tall palm trees lining the promenade near the Otto Richter library. Once I watched in awe as one of these massive objects fell to the ground near where I stood, missing my head by a few…


War on drugs out of hand

President Bush has let the victory in Afghanistan go to his head. Last week, the administration decided to throw caution to the wind and proposed that the country dive headfirst into the storm of leftist-guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries and cocaine known as Colombia. In a move that one Defense Department official qualified as a “qualitative change”…


Changes to SIS will not affect

As every other student in the School of International Studies, I received a very strange and rather unnerving e-mail on Tuesday afternoon from my academic advisor. The message simply said we had a mandatory meeting for the following day, with, among others, the dean of the school, to discuss a “restructuring within the school.” By…


Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, In response to the story run Tuesday titled ‘Students Destroy Bid for the Bachelor Banner’, several corrections are necessary. First of all, the three students involved did not “barge in” as stated in the article, but politely requested to see the person in charge of banners for Hillel after being shocked and offended…


To valentine or not? Part 1

This Valentine’s Day, I declare be with the one you love. It could be your current squeeze, long-term sweetheart, significant other, or a one-night stand. Enjoy each other’s company while you can still stand the sight of them. Gaze deep into their eyes while dining at a chic restaurant. Maybe while at a movie, lean…


To valentine or not? Part 2

One might think that Valentine’s Day is this wonderfully sweet holiday on which you tell someone I love you, and give them flowers, a card, or even a box of chocolates. But the truth behind Valentine’s Day is much more darker, much grimmer. The societal pressure on single individuals, the expectation that everyone must have…


Parking solution: curb freshmen commuters

Walking to class one day a few weeks ago I heard the crushing of two cars. As I turned my head to look, I saw that a student had hit the passenger side of a car in the spot next to her. After she brutalized the car next to her, she took off in search…


A debate so hot it’s smoking

About seven years ago, the University of Miami made an important decision that saves many of us from having to breathe any more smog on campus than we already do from the city itself. I’m referring to cigarette smoke and the suspension of the sale of cigarettes on campus. It’s been proven time and time…

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