The case for the pro-life plate

I wonder if the prison inmates who make license plates find it ironic when they make those ones that say “Choose Life.” You know the ones; everyone has seen them on numerous cars all over the roads. Of course, I don’t personally know how many people have been on their way to the abortion clinic,…


Florida’s pro-life plate violates

The news that a pro-life license plate was going to be produced was upsetting. The fact that proceeds from the new plate will go to pro-life foundations is appalling. I find the fact that the state would allow such a license plate to be made in the first place not only a violation of the…


Students need more study areas

My mother always tells me that I am in college to study, not to fool around. If she only knew what it is like to go to school here, I’m sure she’d change her tune. I mean, after all, studying just doesn’t seem to be much of a priority at this university, and our campus…


Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, I was rather upset last Tuesday when I picked up a copy of the Miami Hurricane. Senior linebacker Chris Campbell was one of the major stories that appeared on the front page. But the primary purpose no longer seemed to commemorate his memory, but to tarnish his image for the rest of…


International Studies still interesting?

All this controversy about the closing of the School of International Studies has awakened my…complete lack of interest. I don’t mean to sound, well, uninterested, but I just can’t muster up any passion about it. Immediately after we all heard the news, I saw undergraduates rallying outside the Bill Cosford Cinema, indignant, and I wanted…


Address the issues: vote in UC breezeway

Fight the apathy. The graduate-studentitis or commuteritis-or whatever you want to call it. You’ve got two more days to make your voices heard. Vote for your student government. Why, you may ask, what does student government do for me? Plenty. The elected members of the University of Miami student government-the president, vice president, treasurer and…


Standing up for minority rights

With all the people who stand up for minority rights, it is surprising that there is no well-known action group that stands up for the rights of legal adults. Yes that’s right, 18-20 year-olds, we need to stand up for ourselves. I became painfully aware of my own predicament about a month ago, when I…


Guard choices

We hear it all the time. The United States, its critics fiercely denounce, is the epitome of consumerism. We go to the supermarket and are overwhelmed by three thousand different cereal boxes, crackers, breads, ice creams and soda flavors. Walk into a Best Buy and try to count the number of television features available before…


Go vote next week

Without much fanfare, and much to my surprise (and probably yours as well), the two student government vice presidential candidates exchanged a lukewarm discussion Tuesday night about major issues concerning the university, explaining why they would be the best for the job. The turnout was negligible. By my observation, out of the twenty or so…


Letter to the editor

To the Editor: Today was a sad day for both the University of Miami and the city of Miami as a whole. The Faculty Senate voted today to “disestablish the School of International Studies” and merge it into the College of Arts and Sciences. Although the administration and apparently the Faculty Senate believe this is…


Grads part of UM

When I first arrived here as a graduate student about four years ago, I spent the first two years adjusting to my new life and submerged myself in the graduate student way of life-which meant I spent most of my time shuttling between my house, classes and the library. It wasn’t until much later that…


UM student government needs to improve process

With all of the complaining that I do about the University of Miami, one would think that I was at least up to date on the activity of our student government. Sadly, as of last week, I could not really claim to know what they talk about, where they meet, who is involved or even…

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