Equal rights for all sexual orientations

In September, registered voters in Miami-Dade County will vote on a controversial no-brainer: whether or not to repeal the county’s 1998 Human Rights Ordinance. The county mandate prohibits discrimination in “housing, credit and finance, public accommodations, and employment” on the basis of “race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, marital status, familial…


Green fundamentalists

Two weeks ago the University Center Breezeway was filled with the sounds of true believers, gesticulating wildly and chanting a mantra that has become the lingua franca of the latest version of the movement. “Who are these fundamentalists?” you may ask. Radical Islamo-fascists? Jews for Jesus? Air Force ROTC? No. They are none other than…


The idiot’s guide to Spanish

A four-part formula for learning Spanish in Miami: A study abroad student who recently arrived at UM from Singapore walked in the study abroad office and asked, “Is the native language in Miami Spanish or English?” When I got here last summer, the Spanish words were in my head, they just seemed to like hanging…


Hispanic radio should remain as is

If you speak Spanish, even if just a little bit, tune into one of the local Hispanic radio stations while you furiously speed along U.S. 1 to hunt for a parking space. You might be surprised by what you hear. Between the sultry sounds of Paulina Rubio, Carlos Vives and Alejandro Sanz, you’ll hear a…


An ode to alternate transportation

My car died. When I say that, I don’t mean she broke down on the side of the road and I had to get her towed to a mechanic’s shop; I mean she died. Gave up the ghost. Went kaput. Keeled over. Kicked the bucket. This happened two weeks ago. It all started with a…


Kudos to ABC for exposing the issue of gay adoptions

There has been some controversy lately over ABC’s recent Diane Sawyer interview with talk show host Rosie O’Donnell. You know, the one where she finally “came out,” while simultaneously advocating her obvious pro-stance on gay-couple adoption rights, since she is indeed a gay parent. The interview has been called everything from an infomercial on gay…


Naturalization ceremony shows pride

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend and observe the naturalization ceremony for U.S. citizenship of an extended family member at the Miami convention center. If you’ve never seen a photo of a person having successfully jumped the old Berlin Wall or a Cuban refugee struggling up the beach at Key West, then I…


Britney needs to grow up

Is Britney Spears a slut or what? I wish she would make up her mind. Her songs are undeniably catchy and yes, she does get more and more appealing in her physical appearance (implants or no implants), but she is an enigma wrapped inside of a contradiction. She’s either incredibly smart or very oblivious. Her…


Searching for emotional plugs

There is a brokenness I do not understand. It shows itself in strange places and when we are not looking. It shatters quiet and steals happiness as a pin takes water from a balloon. I wish I could wrap my arms around it when I see it in the face of a friend. I want…


Letter to the Editor

I must confess, that after reading the piece entitled “Academics for Athletes Come Under Fire” in your March 21st edition, I was thoroughly insulted. As a student-athlete here at UM, I feel obliged to reply to the personally offensive article, expressing my sincere disgust. I will not comment on the Andre Johnson case; simply, it…


Focus on Johnson undeserved

The topic is closed to discussion, or at least it should have been. I still stand by my belief that it is nobody’s business to begin with, but since it is already out there I might as well address issues relating to it. One of my main complaints is that the leak even occurred in…


Athletics no excuse for second-rate diploma

When I was twelve years old, I fully believed I would become a major league baseball player. At twenty, I find myself in a position where I haven’t thrown a ball for at least four years and if I have to walk up a flight of stairs, I get winded. My point? Everyone believes they…

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