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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Vote no on Amendment 3

As you head to the ballot box, I am urging all to vote NO on Amendment 3.

A trend of hate in America

What do these attacks have in common? Hate: It’s the new (or rather quite old) trend plaguing our country.

Make your voice and vote heard

While many of us are still studying for our midterms or finally getting over them, a more important midterm is coming up: the midterm elections

Climate change: where we are and where we can go

Science has undoubtedly shown us that climate change is a reality that must be dealt with.

We need to do better by our Black students

If our students can’t feel safe on campus, then the legitimacy of this school will be undermined.

Tackling ticket troubles

The new Hurricanes football ticket policy sounds good in theory—but will it work for students?

Faculty, staff stand for ‘climate of mutual respect’ at University of...

A letter originally drafted by several English professors addressing the post-election climate has now collected 502 interdepartmental signatures. Read our accompanying news story here. To the...