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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Kamala Harris may not be Democrats best bet for winning in...

Senator Kamala Harris seems like a Democratic dream candidate on paper. However, Democrats may be better off selecting a more moderate, populist candidate if they want to defeat Donald Trump and reclaim the White House in January of 2021.

Trump’s reopening of government reminds us that the wall he wants...

Trump’s casual reopening of the federal government like a pop-up shop for a bill that Democrats proposed weeks earlier shows his incompetence.

The decline of our democracy in the face of furloughed federal...

The federal workers affected by the shutdown are crucial employees to American safety.

The culture of hazing at UM

It’s time for us as a student body to accept our inaction and stigmatizing as crimes against each other

Former felons can change Florida’s future

It has been a long time coming for felons to be granted their right to vote once again in the state of Florida.

The constant power struggle between faith and politics

Faith and politics are simultaneously at work when voting

What Homecoming means to me

On a broader scale, homecoming is a celebration of the wide-reaching influence this campus and its students, both old and new, have on their communities.

Brett Kavanaugh changed my vote

Don’t be surprised if that forecasted blue wave ends up being a red tsunami this November

Make democracy great again

Whatever the outcome of this election is, it’s important that we never stop showing up and putting our vote where our voice is.

Why I voted

This year, Florida’s midterm elections marked the first time that I cast my vote and took my opinions to the polls

Vote no on Amendment 3

As you head to the ballot box, I am urging all to vote NO on Amendment 3.

A trend of hate in America

What do these attacks have in common? Hate: It’s the new (or rather quite old) trend plaguing our country.