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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Happy 21st year of harassment

My 21st birthday party served as conclusive evidence that several uncategorized men in my life were unsafe.

How films defined the 2010s

The 2010s also saw many compelling stories through film as well as more representation for different identities.

Netflix really shouldn’t worry about Disney+

This competition between services is all one big game of follow the leader, and Netflix is that leader.

Democratic primary debates are the key to beating Trump in 2020

Without these Democratic primary debates, voters would not be able to see how their favorite candidate would stand against President Trump.

Canceling Gauguin: Reassessing art in the new century

As time, history, and language evolve, it is empirical that art exhibits change as well.

Why we must hold Facebook accountable

As the U.S. approaches the new election cycle, now is the time to hold the site accountable and push for better practices.

Are music’s “sad bois” no longer sad?

Society’s de-stigmatisation of discussions about mental health, heartbreak and the raw male emotion has made us open to themes of that go beyond the binary.

Recapping the 2010s and the so-called decline of pop music

Pop music isn’t dead; it’s just different.

‘OK, Boomer’ is a declaration of generational war

It is a collective eye-roll that implies “you obviously don’t get, so I guess I’ll take care of it myself.”

How Thanksgiving break will be my saving grace from weeks of...

For me, all of my deadlines for my biggest assignments seem to all fall on the same day: my last class before Thanksgiving break.

What we can learn from Instagram’s removal of plastic surgery filters

The cosmetic surgery filter is the culmination of the warped reality that is social media.

You should care about Canadian politics

I understand the United States is bound by the shackles of divisive politics, but Americans must not allow their own contentions to blind them from the world beyond.