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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Through the eyes of an apprentice: COVID-19 and the medical student...

To healthcare professionals across all disciplines: now is the time to talk to medical students about what’s going on. We are listening to you.

Black History Month is not Flaming Hot Month

As I sat and listened to the black workers justify why they were serving me Hot Cheetos with mac and cheese, I felt transported into the world of "Get Out."

Jeff Bezos’ new Earth Fund and his journey in climate change

The $10 billion that Bezos repurposed had me questioning: Is Bezos’s fund the best way to solve climate change?

Brazil’s attempt to curb teen pregnancy censors vital information, will put...

If Brazil truly cares about the future of its young women, it ought to provide crucial sexual health knowledge to equip them to make the best-informed decisions for themselves.

Are we in the midst of a new black renaissance?

But as with public demonstrations of culture comes the possibility of co-optation, appropriation and even pandering.

Balancing health with your culture

Cuisine is a major part of every culture and it is proving to be challenging to try new things while also staying true to your roots.

The diary of an African immigrant

African immigrants and their children are finally feeling like they belong, without feeling like they are sacrificing a part of themselves.

The new travel ban on Nigerian immigrants has harmful implications

This ban is heartbreaking for a people that have served and enriched the United States for decades.

Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions and change

I’m constantly reevaluating and remodeling throughout the 365 days.

My farewell letter to Kobe Bryant

For 20 years, we all invited him into our homes and watched him on TV. I felt like he was my invincible friend.

How gentrification is changing the future of Miami

But with our metro ranking along with the likes of Panama and Colombia, and the number of students experiencing homelessness tripling in the past decade, we have to ask ourselves, who is Miami being built for?

Netflix’s ‘You’ and society’s obsession with unhealthy relationships

The story of this tortured, sadistic and lovestruck man has already drawn you in, but it’s not entirely your fault. It’s just one of Netflix and Hollywood’s many opportunities to capitalize on society’s obsession with unhealthy relationships and making excuses for traumatized men.