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Coral Gables
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The culture of hazing at UM

It’s time for us as a student body to accept our inaction and stigmatizing as crimes against each other

Let’s talk about long distance relationships

Putting in that extra effort for someone you really care about goes a long way-- especially when it comes to long-distance relationships.

Brazil’s attempt to curb teen pregnancy censors vital information, will put...

If Brazil truly cares about the future of its young women, it ought to provide crucial sexual health knowledge to equip them to make the best-informed decisions for themselves.

We must start demanding more than apologies from politicians for the...

Black people in this country are at a crossroads. After being segregated, marginalized, gentrified and bastardized, how could a simple apology bring joy? It will not. If policymakers continue to take shortcuts through no-action apologies as a way to improve their public opinion and bring in Black voters, minorities in the U.S. will continue to suffer.

Why I voted

This year, Florida’s midterm elections marked the first time that I cast my vote and took my opinions to the polls

All My Friends Are Dead

In short, the kids are not alright. The current freshmen have been in quarantine for months while the federal government failed to adequately test, or even develop a plan.

On asexuality, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and representation

How hypocritical of us all to deny the existence of someone’s sexuality simply because we can’t understand or relate.

Netflix’s ‘You’ and society’s obsession with unhealthy relationships

The story of this tortured, sadistic and lovestruck man has already drawn you in, but it’s not entirely your fault. It’s just one of Netflix and Hollywood’s many opportunities to capitalize on society’s obsession with unhealthy relationships and making excuses for traumatized men.

Black History Month is not Flaming Hot Month

As I sat and listened to the black workers justify why they were serving me Hot Cheetos with mac and cheese, I felt transported into the world of "Get Out."

On Parkland, Valentine’s Day and Trump

The sun rose over Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14, 2018, with kindred spirits and an amorous air. By 2 p.m., Valentine's Day in Parkland...

Ghosting: The downfall of our generation

I feel an enduring melancholy watching my friends be played, manipulated, taken advantage of and ghosted because it is the way we “date” these days.

Recapping the 2010s and the so-called decline of pop music

Pop music isn’t dead; it’s just different.