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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

‘Canes Care for ‘Canes, or do they?

And because we know that there is a vast racial disparity concerning the prognosis of those diagnosed with coronavirus, the continued effort to open a campus in an in-person format means that BIPOC students, staff, groundskeepers, dining hall workers, and instructors will disproportionately be forced to deal with the repercussions.

I survived the vaccine. So will you

When the vaccine is available, go out and get it. You can save the lives of those around you and help end this pandemic.

The university does not care about its graduate student instructors

The university administration cares more about not giving up power and money than helping graduate student instructors find accommodations for teaching online. If the administration of the university cares for its graduate student instructors like it says it does, they will reverse the accommodation requirements and allow instructors to receive the choice to teach virtually.

Balancing health with your culture

Cuisine is a major part of every culture and it is proving to be challenging to try new things while also staying true to your roots.

The Power of Organizing

In the light of George Floyd’s untimely, cold-blooded murder, social media helped spread the horrific news.

Netflix’s ‘You’ and society’s obsession with unhealthy relationships

The story of this tortured, sadistic and lovestruck man has already drawn you in, but it’s not entirely your fault. It’s just one of Netflix and Hollywood’s many opportunities to capitalize on society’s obsession with unhealthy relationships and making excuses for traumatized men.

How gentrification is flourishing in Miami

Condos have replaced houses. Porsches have replaced Hondas. And wealthy people will replace the minorities who’ve birthed Miami.

Canceling Gauguin: Reassessing art in the new century

As time, history, and language evolve, it is empirical that art exhibits change as well.

UM claims inclusion and progressiveness, so where is our women’s center?

To thrive at UM, students do “need to feel as if we are seen, that we matter, that we count." But many women at this school do not currently feel seen. You can help change this.

What we can learn from Instagram’s removal of plastic surgery filters

The cosmetic surgery filter is the culmination of the warped reality that is social media.

Recapping the 2010s and the so-called decline of pop music

Pop music isn’t dead; it’s just different.

Climate change needs to be a top priority

The time we have to reverse the pollution and damage inflicted on our land is ticking away.