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J Street needs to take more care in choosing who they...

Mission: Hebron, a short film, purports to be an investigative documentary into Israel Defense Forces (IDF) misconduct. In practice, the film undermines the Jewish history of Hebron and vilifies the actions of Jewish residents and soldiers there. It is heavily biased, misleading and raises concerns about why J Street U Miami, a student group "fighting for peace, democracy and human rights," would screen it.

Surge in book-banning efforts must be stopped

The very books that guided my childhood and taught me, and many others like me, are being challenged in an unprecedented manner.

Silver lining of the first pig-to-human organ transplant

The first successful pig-to-human heart transplant may have opened the door to life-saving procedures for the millions waiting on life-saving organs

The metaverse could be a valuable tool- or it could tear...

While the nebulous collection of technological concepts that make up what is referred to as the “metaverse” has become a point of controversy in recent months, this decision by the University leans into the potential positives that normalized use of the metaverse could bring.

Florida manatees are in danger, again

Florida manatees are in jeopardy. Florida’s East and West coasts have been unseasonably warm in 2021, yet Florida manatees have been a resilient symbol...

Is this the end for standardized testing in Florida?

Having grown up in the Florida public school system, I can attest that the FSA tests did not give me the chance to demonstrate the knowledge and skills I learned throughout the school year. I found myself studying test-taking tips, understanding the “ideal” responses that FSA graders were looking for and memorizing multiple-choice style content instead of implementing what I learned in school.

There is no planet B, unless ‘B’ stands for billionaire

Pari Walter is a sophomore at UM majoring in journalism and a new contributing columnist at TMH. As an aspiring environmental activist, she decided...

The Taliban leaves Afghan Women no choice but to abandon their...

In Afghanistan, the definition of “freedom” is now tainted; the basic rights of expression, identity and activity are fading away. The people of Afghanistan do not have the resources to fight back against a Taliban regime that conquered its predecessor in a matter of months.

We must start demanding more than apologies from politicians for the...

Black people in this country are at a crossroads. After being segregated, marginalized, gentrified and bastardized, how could a simple apology bring joy? It will not. If policymakers continue to take shortcuts through no-action apologies as a way to improve their public opinion and bring in Black voters, minorities in the U.S. will continue to suffer.

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is an urgent reminder of the...

Vendulka Kubalkova is a professor at the University of Miami (UM) College of Arts and Sciences whose research and teaching interests include theory of...

Miller student government president makes case for student vaccine mandate

We have proven vaccines work when people accept them as a safe medical innovation capable of saving lives. Through vaccination, the world eradicated smallpox from the face of our planet, and it is ever so close to doing the same with polio. Both used to be deadly viruses, now reduced to historical plagues briefly mentioned in medical school courses on infectious disease.

Op-ed: The university made a mistake in hiring Alex Azar

Hearing that the Miami Herbert Business School hired Alex Azar, former President Donald Trump's Health and Human Services Secretary, we both reacted with a mix of horror, disgust and sadness.