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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Power of Organizing

In the light of George Floyd’s untimely, cold-blooded murder, social media helped spread the horrific news.

‘Canes Care for ‘Canes, or do they?

And because we know that there is a vast racial disparity concerning the prognosis of those diagnosed with coronavirus, the continued effort to open a campus in an in-person format means that BIPOC students, staff, groundskeepers, dining hall workers, and instructors will disproportionately be forced to deal with the repercussions.

All My Friends Are Dead

In short, the kids are not alright. The current freshmen have been in quarantine for months while the federal government failed to adequately test, or even develop a plan.

The university does not care about its graduate student instructors

The university administration cares more about not giving up power and money than helping graduate student instructors find accommodations for teaching online. If the administration of the university cares for its graduate student instructors like it says it does, they will reverse the accommodation requirements and allow instructors to receive the choice to teach virtually.

UM should reopen. Here’s why

Another semester of doing everything through Zoom is not a feasible alternative for many students.

Through the eyes of an apprentice: COVID-19 and the medical student...

To healthcare professionals across all disciplines: now is the time to talk to medical students about what’s going on. We are listening to you.

Black History Month is not Flaming Hot Month

As I sat and listened to the black workers justify why they were serving me Hot Cheetos with mac and cheese, I felt transported into the world of "Get Out."

Jeff Bezos’ new Earth Fund and his journey in climate change

The $10 billion that Bezos repurposed had me questioning: Is Bezos’s fund the best way to solve climate change?

Brazil’s attempt to curb teen pregnancy censors vital information, will put...

If Brazil truly cares about the future of its young women, it ought to provide crucial sexual health knowledge to equip them to make the best-informed decisions for themselves.

Are we in the midst of a new black renaissance?

But as with public demonstrations of culture comes the possibility of co-optation, appropriation and even pandering.

Balancing health with your culture

Cuisine is a major part of every culture and it is proving to be challenging to try new things while also staying true to your roots.

The diary of an African immigrant

African immigrants and their children are finally feeling like they belong, without feeling like they are sacrificing a part of themselves.