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Monday, October 3, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Is Dear V worth it?

Dear Editor, Every time the Hurricane is published I am usually very impressed by the articles being produced by my student contemporaries. That feeling of...

Letter to the Editor: The Miami Hurricane is a rag

The Miami Hurricane is a rag. I always start with the opinion section. If I can stomach that, I move on to features. I rarely make it that far.

Letter to the Editor: Rape article extremely misleading

I write to strongly object to an editorial decision about a news item on page 2 of the September 10 Hurricane.

Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Heacock

I find it nothing short of hilarious that Mr. Heacock would proclaim himself a patriot and then openly boast of his own complacency with the very things he admonishes.

Letters to the Editor: Responses to financial aid delays

UPDATED, Sept. 30, 2016: New letters are added as they are received. Below is a selection of letters submitted to The Miami Hurricane regarding our story "Financial...

Letter to the Editor: Curious student questions authority

The recent message from President Shalala detailing both the university’s and the student’s efforts in becoming a smoke-free campus got me interested in doing...

Letter to the editor: Adderall abuse sets ADD patients back

A month ago, the editorial board condemned Lance Armstrong for his use of performance-enhancing drugs in the Tour de France. This week, The Miami...

What UM can learn from lower ranking

In a world of inequality and privilege, any systematic effort to advance opportunity for all is a lesson worth celebrating. Even if it pushes UM below UF.

Letter to the Editor: Relay for Life

“Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.” It is the battle cry of those who participate in Relay For Life all over the world. Reading the article in Monday’s issue prompted me to write what I felt about the Relay For Life of the University of Miami.