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Monday, October 3, 2022

Marco Rubio should help #endTB by supporting federal budget allocations

It may surprise you to learn that tuberculosis is still the world's leading infectious killer.

Do not be afraid to ‘switch things up’

Although our campaign is over, this is not the last of The Switch Up. We will continue to leave our mark on this campus. Continue to follow us on Instagram @TheSwitchUpUM.

Letter to the Editor: Removal of ducks beneficial to local wildlife

I support the university’s actions in removing a few invasive Muscovy ducks from campus and suggest that more should be removed and humanely euthanized in...

A call to action for students and U.S. Government

For those who firmly believe that access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege, now is the time to advocate for expanding healthcare.

Women’s rights and abortion are not synonyms

Yet another article using "women's rights" and "abortion" as near synonyms.

Letter to the Editor: Hate not welcomed here

We are not amused. We are not intimidated. We will not be silent.

Letter to the Editor: A response from Iron Arrow

The by-laws of Iron Arrow state that one may not be recognized for what one did as an undergraduate after graduation.

An invitation to our students

Unfortunately, many of us have not had the freedom to decide how our courses should be taught this semester because the mode of delivery is being imposed without regard for the expertise of the professors of record.

Henry King Stanford should be memorialized by more than service

I left the memorial service for Henry King Stanford, past president of the University, with mixed emotions.

Letter to the Editor: SG should be respected not scolded

As my second year on the Elections Commission comes to an end, I feel that now is the appropriate time to publicly reflect on...

Letter to the Editor: Suchlicki resignation embarrasses the University of Miami

Re: President Frenk meets with Cuban-American communityI used to think that intolerance of diverse political and social thought was confined to left-leaning college campuses...

Letter to the Editor: India article spot-on

I read the piece published about the prejudices against India, and I have to say that I was truly impressed and pleased that this article came out.