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Monday, October 3, 2022

Building a universal promise of better tomorrows

Last week, I attended the 2019 Global Engagement Summit at the United Nations to partake in millennial-led efforts to address the top challenges facing our world. From climate change and women’s rights to world hunger and political populism, there are many great challenges we have yet to overcome as a collective human race.

Letter to the Editor: unfair treatment of STAND

Dear Editor, For the past few years, the leaders and residents of Overtown have been asking University of Miami President Donna Shalala to sign a...

As an Alaskan, I know how she is

If you do not want World War III, do not let a hotheaded poser with no understanding of world affairs to negotiate with hostile nations.

Letter to the Editor: More to museums than boring myth

Lowe director counters the idea that museums are "musty, old and boring."

Letter to the Editor

I’m a grad student at the University of Miami and I want to explore some of the changes that I have noticed in the gym in the last decade.

Letter to the Editor: The Sad and Horrible Results of Closing...

Dear Miami Hurricane Editor, I am sending this e-mail as a concerned employee at the University of Miami.  I feel sorry for the people who...

Response to ‘Kind Care Package’

I am appalled and extremely disappointed with your article "Overreacting to a Kind Care Package" that ran in the Opinion Section of the Miami Hurricane on October 30th, 2008.

Letter to the Editor: Standing against white supremacy

The events and loss of life in Charlottesville, VA on August 12th were shocking and tragic. The ideas and actions of white supremacists have...

Letter to the Editor: Napster, Ruckus and now nothing

First we had free napster for a year, then that was taken away, then we had ruckus and now that is done

Letter to the Editor: The Old Art Rooms

It was a fine building with a heart that the promised us the future. It wasn’t especially fancy, just a two story barrack that silently begged for another coat of paint across its clap board walls.

Letter to the editor: Pike

Earlier this week I picked up the Monday edition of the Miami Hurricane to see if my women’s volleyball article made it into the sports...

Yom Kippur forgiveness in the face of hate

One of the hallmarks of Yom Kippur is repentance; the ability to ask for and extend to others forgiveness.