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Coral Gables
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ron DeSantis’ education promise for Florida’s future

Florida’s students deserve the right to have access to, and attend, schools which fit and compliment their unique individual talents and skill sets.

What UM can learn from lower ranking

In a world of inequality and privilege, any systematic effort to advance opportunity for all is a lesson worth celebrating. Even if it pushes UM below UF.

Yom Kippur forgiveness in the face of hate

One of the hallmarks of Yom Kippur is repentance; the ability to ask for and extend to others forgiveness.

Letter to the Editor: Hate not welcomed here

We are not amused. We are not intimidated. We will not be silent.

Letter to the Editor: Suchlicki resignation embarrasses the University of Miami

Re: President Frenk meets with Cuban-American communityI used to think that intolerance of diverse political and social thought was confined to left-leaning college campuses...

Letter to the Editor: Standing against white supremacy

The events and loss of life in Charlottesville, VA on August 12th were shocking and tragic. The ideas and actions of white supremacists have...

Letter to the Editor: The future of Cuban studies at the...

The University of Miami was chartered in 1925 as a Pan American university. In the past 92 years, the University has become a globally recognized institution of...

Letter to the Editor: More to museums than boring myth

Lowe director counters the idea that museums are "musty, old and boring."

Office of Financial Assistance Letter to the Editor

I would like to thank The Miami Hurricane for highlighting some of the challenges and complexities associated with the financial aid process. As UM...

Letters to the Editor: Responses to financial aid delays

UPDATED, Sept. 30, 2016: New letters are added as they are received. Below is a selection of letters submitted to The Miami Hurricane regarding our story "Financial...

Letter to the Editor: Removal of ducks beneficial to local wildlife

I support the university’s actions in removing a few invasive Muscovy ducks from campus and suggest that more should be removed and humanely euthanized in...

Letter to the Editor: Westaway article contained misconceptions

Last week, The Miami Hurricane published an article titled “Professor Katharine Westaway asked not to return after controversial activism.” As current and past directors...