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Monday, October 3, 2022

Closure? I think not

With every tragic event, there are tragic repercussions.

Henry King Stanford should be memorialized by more than service

I left the memorial service for Henry King Stanford, past president of the University, with mixed emotions.

Letter to the Editor: Leave Afghanistan? Not so fast…

For a war that has seen eight years of grueling combat, cost 1,528 coalition and approximately 15,000 civilian lives, caused incalculable damage to the gubernatorial and economic infrastructures, and presented a significant threat to global peace and security, Mr. Medina’s suggestion to “leave Afghanistan” seems a tad hasty.

The story of my abortion

I was a young girl when I endured my abortion. That sentence is still hard for me to swallow. Although, I have healed from this traumatic experience over time, I am on a journey of life-long healing.

Letter to the Editor: India article spot-on

I read the piece published about the prejudices against India, and I have to say that I was truly impressed and pleased that this article came out.

Letter to the Editor: Westaway article contained misconceptions

Last week, The Miami Hurricane published an article titled “Professor Katharine Westaway asked not to return after controversial activism.” As current and past directors...

Letter to the Editor: Facebook will forget you, the Ibis won’t

After reading “Speak Up” from Thursday’s Hurricane, I decided that I had heard and seen enough. As Editor in Chief of the Ibis yearbook here at UM, my staff and I work arduously to try to get as many people as possible in the yearbook – sometimes against their own will, but always for their own good.

Take care of yourself this finals season

Although this time of year is important to your academic career, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to take care of themselves and those around them.

Women’s rights and abortion are not synonyms

Yet another article using "women's rights" and "abortion" as near synonyms.

What every voter needs to know

I'm going to tell you what every American citizen ought to know: If any minor party gets 5% of the popular vote, that party becomes major and is officially integrated into our democratic system.

Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Heacock

I find it nothing short of hilarious that Mr. Heacock would proclaim himself a patriot and then openly boast of his own complacency with the very things he admonishes.

Letter to the Editor: Relay for Life

“Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.” It is the battle cry of those who participate in Relay For Life all over the world. Reading the article in Monday’s issue prompted me to write what I felt about the Relay For Life of the University of Miami.