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Letter to the Editor

Mackenzie Green’s unfortunate article made me cringe, made me want to fill out a transfer slip and get the hell away from the artificial...

Help support the Latinx Graduation Committee

The Spring 2021 Latinx Graduation Committee is currently collecting feedback from students, faculty, and staff to help create a Latinx Graduation Ceremony for the Spring 2021 semester.

Letter to the Editor: Response to “SG should take us forward”

As the Vice Presidential candidate for the True to U ticket, I would like to take a moment to clarify True to U's relationship with the current Student Government Executive Board, and specifically to respond to The Miami Hurricane's statement that "'True to U' has verbalized their frustration with this year’s executive board’s t

Advice for the upcoming student government elections

During our election time, I encourage you all to be open-minded, be willing to hear perspectives, and think critically about what is being said and why.

Letter to the editor: Haiti’s debt should be forgiven

As many a college student can attest, including me, debt is hard to deal with. My student loan bills are in the neighborhood of...

Cat colony on campus

An enormous and growing population of free-roaming cats exists in Florida, posing a threat to the state's native animal species and creating a serious public health concern.

Letter to the Editor from Professor Belgrave

For the past few years the leaders and residents of Overtown have been asking University of Miami President, Donna Shalala, to sign a Community...

Letter to the Editor: Suchlicki resignation embarrasses the University of Miami

Re: President Frenk meets with Cuban-American communityI used to think that intolerance of diverse political and social thought was confined to left-leaning college campuses...

Letter to the Editor: Universitas Magistrorum et Scholarium

After seven years at the University of Miami, I am departing on bitter note. I recently read that a number of UM students have...

Letter to the editor: Illegal use of pills never justifiable

This letter is in response to Robert Pursell's article entitled "Stressed-out students should take advantage of pills." Pills, in this case, refer to the...

Letter to the Editor: Making a stand of my own

I'm astounded by the decision of your publication to allow space even on its Web site to the statements of activists standing against UM on the issue of the Life Science & Technology Park.

Letter to the Editor: “Fashion Crimes Committed on Campus”

I was disappointed in the “Fashion Crimes Committed on Campus” article in the Feb. 2 edition of the Miami Hurricane. I can tell that...