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Monday, October 3, 2022

What every voter needs to know

I'm going to tell you what every American citizen ought to know: If any minor party gets 5% of the popular vote, that party becomes major and is officially integrated into our democratic system.

In response to Jenna King

When I read Jenna King's opinion piece, I could barely believe the pity party that she threw for the Republican Party.

Not quite a racist approach

A police officer, my neighbor from within a block, stopped me and demanded my information saying, "You don't belong here." I'm Black and he's Hispanic.

Don’t be ridiculous, I know what didn’t happen to the croc

No one disputes that the brutal slaying of a crocodile on our campus was a repulsive act, but The Miami Hurricane's reporting on the subject requires a fair amount of criticism.

As an Alaskan, I know how she is

If you do not want World War III, do not let a hotheaded poser with no understanding of world affairs to negotiate with hostile nations.

Women’s rights and abortion are not synonyms

Yet another article using "women's rights" and "abortion" as near synonyms.

UPrint Letter

I just wanted to make a comment about this UPrint system. I want to first state I am completely for "Going Green" and helping our environment, but I don't fully agree with this system.

What is Ramadan?

We are passing through the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and many people probably wonder what motivates a group of people to fast and go hungry during the daylight hours continuously for 1 month.

Time for innovation

Innovation has been the catalyst for America's greatness over the past century. Especially since World War II, each generation has seen awesome scientific, technological, and industrial advances that have propelled the United States' economy forward while changing the fabric of this world.

Dear Sara Phillips

No fact, all rants and mean, evil words of jealousy and rage. Really, you are so profound; insulting your fellow "clamorous cluster of Canes" and poor Felipe Yanez, who happens to be a renowned and highly-regarded UM student who's just trying to make a living and give you a bit of leisurely reading material (while you're not being a Negative Nancy and a sick sad human being who enjoys inflicting pain on others).

Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Heacock

I find it nothing short of hilarious that Mr. Heacock would proclaim himself a patriot and then openly boast of his own complacency with the very things he admonishes.

Letter to the Editor: Glad to be a Cane

This weekend I visited Gainesville for the first time ever. I will admit that, while I am a proud Cane, I was very excited to go to the number one party school in the nation and see the school I did not choose.