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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Time updating UMPD’s Facebook page could be...

As President Shalala’s emails regarding UM’s finances continue to pile up in inboxes, I am shocked to learn that the university effectively pays the UMPD to be on Facebook.

Letter to the Editor

I’m a grad student at the University of Miami and I want to explore some of the changes that I have noticed in the gym in the last decade.

The right to carry should be extended to UM students

The University of Miami can be seen as an oasis of greenery and security in a city known for crime and violence.

Not quite a racist approach

A police officer, my neighbor from within a block, stopped me and demanded my information saying, "You don't belong here." I'm Black and he's Hispanic.

Letter to the Editor: Leave Afghanistan? Not so fast…

For a war that has seen eight years of grueling combat, cost 1,528 coalition and approximately 15,000 civilian lives, caused incalculable damage to the gubernatorial and economic infrastructures, and presented a significant threat to global peace and security, Mr. Medina’s suggestion to “leave Afghanistan” seems a tad hasty.

A view on socialism

I believe that the new "Democratic Socialist" members of the U.S. Congress have their hearts in the right place but not their heads. Like them, I too believe that our federal government should do more and spend more to help make the lives of our citizens better just like our traditional allies do.

Calling Shalala to Action for Florida

30% of Americans leave their prescriptions unfilled because they are just too expensive. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies maintain the highest profits of any industry nationwide.

Henry King Stanford should be memorialized by more than service

I left the memorial service for Henry King Stanford, past president of the University, with mixed emotions.

Letter to the Editor: UPrint’s system-wide failures should make administration rethink...

UPrint should really be named U(can't)Print. Yesterday, I went to print something before class and was unable to do so because the Uprint system was down.

Take care of yourself this finals season

Although this time of year is important to your academic career, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to take care of themselves and those around them.

Don’t be ridiculous, I know what didn’t happen to the croc

No one disputes that the brutal slaying of a crocodile on our campus was a repulsive act, but The Miami Hurricane's reporting on the subject requires a fair amount of criticism.

Letter to the Editor: Finger-pointing postpones results, overshadows candidates

I have served on the Supreme Court of our undergraduate Student Government since the fall of my freshman year.  Now, as a senior, I...