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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Stop attacking Iron Arrow

The entire purpose of the society was to honor Miccosukee culture and preserve it while honoring the greatest leaders and change-makers in our academic community. Calling the society’s traditions “exoticizing of native culture” and racist is a complete denial of concrete fact.

An invitation to our students

Unfortunately, many of us have not had the freedom to decide how our courses should be taught this semester because the mode of delivery is being imposed without regard for the expertise of the professors of record.

UM administrators: Misleading information about Lakeside Village

The September 8 article in The Miami Hurricane extensively quoted from the lawsuit and an interview with the employee, Ricardo Arnau, who has fashioned himself as a self-proclaimed “whistleblower” by bringing alleged code violations to light. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Student government president on how to be ‘socially responsible’ during pandemic

I am writing to you about ways you can be proactive to keep yourself and fellow Canes safe and to remind you of some important resources available at UM.

The story of my abortion

I was a young girl when I endured my abortion. That sentence is still hard for me to swallow. Although, I have healed from this traumatic experience over time, I am on a journey of life-long healing.

Letter to the Editor: A response from Iron Arrow

The by-laws of Iron Arrow state that one may not be recognized for what one did as an undergraduate after graduation.

Why colleges should do more to support adjunct professors

We live a precarious financial existence which forces us to supplement our income with other work or to depend on a spouse, parent or sibling throughout our career.

Take care of yourself this finals season

Although this time of year is important to your academic career, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to take care of themselves and those around them.

Calling Shalala to support #HealthforAll by strengthening global health system

We urge Representative Shalala to introduce to Congress new legislation to support global health system strengthening.

UM’s online classes are not a viable option for students

There is very little support from the university when it comes to online classes.

Advice for the upcoming student government elections

During our election time, I encourage you all to be open-minded, be willing to hear perspectives, and think critically about what is being said and why.

Why being a leader in college is more than honors and...

I thought that the decision of this organization to not “honor” me meant I was not a good leader or a good student. However, this so-called failure was what sparked a source of enlightenment.