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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Trump is not divergence from, but conclusion to American conservatism

Donald Trump created a fissure in the Republican Party. His campaign was originally greeted with dismissal, but as the seriousness of his candidacy became...

Democratic platform not facing due scrutiny in chaos of Trump

Donald Trump is a disaster. Let me be abundantly clear about that. He represents a decaying breed of anti-intellectual American exceptionalism lashing out as it comes...

Voters must demand more from candidates

Earlier this week, I shared an article on Facebook. The subject of this article was Bernie Sanders, specifically his awkward, fumbling interview with New York...

Cinemas need to exploit their unique advantages

 Among digital filmmaking technology, online movie distribution and rapidly evolving home media, the world of moviemaking has had a trying decade and it doesn’t...

Hollywood must revive cinematic experience to completely capture audiences

In December 2015, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino rolled out a unique cinematic experience around his new film, “The Hateful Eight.” Prior to its wide release...

Sequels need more creativity, less nostalgia

Last year was the year of the long-prophesied sequel. Many long-anticipated revivals of iconic films brought in box-office booms. Between “Creed,” “Mad Max: Fury...