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Monday, October 3, 2022

Senator Bernie Sanders too cool for school

Seven Halloweens ago, 13-year-old Danny New proudly wore a suit draped in “Yes We Can” buttons to school. When he arrived, it turned out that...

Be ‘selfish’ in healthy, positive way

While scanning through a collection of daily headlines, also known as Facebook, I came across this status from one of my friends. “Really sad that...

Apathy toward safety of minorities central to Trump win

If there is something that has struck me most since Donald Trump was elected, it’s the sheer amount of people who I have seen...

Despite murky motivations, ‘Just Do It’ ad inspires

The cynical side of me couldn’t help but wonder what Nike had to gain from openly supporting such a polarizing figure.

I took a month off of social media and it changed...

I have always tried to fight against the neediness of social media.

The Maturity Column: Take second chances

At six-foot-six, Giancarlo Stanton stared down at me as words clumsily stumbled out of my mouth. It was the Miami Marlins’ first baseball game of...

A week in the studio with American Dreamers

When Studio Music and Jazz department chair John Daversa asked me to photograph his "American Dreamers" recording session last March, I thought I was signing up for a fly-on-the-wall kind of job.

Why is the university blaming students for its own error?

What has been particularly frustrating in the ensuing events since the TikTok video surfaced for me has been the administration’s quick blaming of students.

We will continue swimming: Remembering Mac Miller

I was ready to buy my tickets and see him live for the first time. Less than 24 hours later, he was gone.

The Maturity Column: No catch-all trick for making long-distance work

You’ve certainly heard about them: those long-distance relationships that overflow into college as lovers cling to the remnants of an entire lifetime of dating...

Don’t feel obligated to go whole hog on vegetarianism

Dad, if you’re reading, please stop now. This column goes against everything you raised me to believe: that bacon, Italian beef, burgers, steak, spicy...

Never Forget: Remembering 9/11

Maybe tragedies like 9/11 can not only serve as moments to honor the lives that were lost, but as reminders to appreciate every single human being who has touched your life.