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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Meaningful change dependent upon our votes

The day is April 18, 1775. Dawn breaks over Lexington – and the American Revolution. Seven hundred British soldiers tramp through a township on...

What does defunding the police mean?

Whatever law enforcement body is to exist in our country, it needs to be one with more training than today’s police officers.

Make most of your plane ride home, choose window seat

When you’re flying home this break, you are going to have to make a crucial decision: the window seat or the aisle seat. And,...

President Frenk on new beginnings and finishing strong

Spring has long been celebrated as a season of renewal. Part of the renewal of spring lies in its potential. It is the time to plant what we will later reap. This is as true for ideas as it is for flowers and vegetable gardens.

Why is the university blaming students for its own error?

What has been particularly frustrating in the ensuing events since the TikTok video surfaced for me has been the administration’s quick blaming of students.

When I can get the vaccine, I’ll take it

A community cannot function correctly with half of its population unwilling to follow emergency guidelines as that community faces serious hardship.

Keep green in Foote Green

Finally, it was spring break in Miami and I was getting ready to sprawl out on the plush grass of the Foote Green right...

I took a month off of social media and it changed...

I have always tried to fight against the neediness of social media.

Silent majority reflects society’s failure to engage all voices

The crazies have really come out of hiding. That’s what many commentators across the country (and across the world) might’ve been thinking as they watched...

Women in journalism deserve a better story

I want to see a show with a female reporter who does her job and does it ethically. Can Netflix make an original series about that?

The Maturity Column: No catch-all trick for making long-distance work

You’ve certainly heard about them: those long-distance relationships that overflow into college as lovers cling to the remnants of an entire lifetime of dating...

A Cuban transplant

I fear Republican Cubans have fallen into the trap of trusting in another dictator and demagogue, who is in fact quite similar to the one they left behind.