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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Let’s talk about Kyle Rittenhouse

One carries a simple handgun for protection, but a person who carries the long, inconvenient, sizable AR-15 assault rifle that Rittenhouse had, appears to be a premeditated act more than a precaution.

Happiness comes in waves

Surfing has become my personal coping mechanism for quarantine blues. Completely new to the sport, I found an old board in my grandma’s basement and decided it would be the perfect pastime to explore in Miami.

‘Canes Care for ‘Canes, or do they?

And because we know that there is a vast racial disparity concerning the prognosis of those diagnosed with coronavirus, the continued effort to open a campus in an in-person format means that BIPOC students, staff, groundskeepers, dining hall workers, and instructors will disproportionately be forced to deal with the repercussions.

Burkinis to bans: the slippery slope of Islamophobia

During a lecture about security in South Asia, my professor discussed a Nickelodeon superhero program produced in Pakistan called “Burka Avenger.” A teacher at...

6 things you find when you go speed dating the night...

I wasn't expecting to get much out of it, except maybe a free beer or two, but I ended up learning a lot from my first time speed dating.

What does defunding the police mean?

Whatever law enforcement body is to exist in our country, it needs to be one with more training than today’s police officers.

Don’t feel obligated to go whole hog on vegetarianism

Dad, if you’re reading, please stop now. This column goes against everything you raised me to believe: that bacon, Italian beef, burgers, steak, spicy...

Administrative response to hurricane inefficient, untimely

On Tuesdays, I, like many other students working and going to class, am on campus from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Yet, when Wednesday...

Take a moment to appreciate unsung heroes on campus

We are surrounded by university employees who shape our environment every day, yet we hardly ever engage with them.

On the chopping block: Healthcare, Roe v. Wade, marriage equality

It’s clear that they are more committed to the confirmation of Barrett than they are to the millions of Americans suffering in this pandemic.

All aboard the malarkey express: Joe Biden tries to have it...

Sadly for the former vice president, he can run as many times for president as he likes (three, and counting!), but he will never be able to run far enough away from his record. It was abundantly clear from this debate that he is trying to have it both ways by flip-flopping more than my sandals across the Fate Bridge to the Student Center. The president won this debate.

The final presidential debate: Why Joe Biden is winning

This lie stands in direct contrast with Biden, who conveyed humility in his willingness to admit fault in his support for the 1994 crime bill and its far reaching consequences for Black and brown communities. Rather than insisting that he be exalted, Biden laid out specific plans to remedy these effects through federal reform of the justice system, including prison reform and seeking climate justice for Black and brown communities who disproportionately find themselves proximate to sources of pollution.