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Sunday, October 2, 2022

A Cuban transplant

I fear Republican Cubans have fallen into the trap of trusting in another dictator and demagogue, who is in fact quite similar to the one they left behind.

The final presidential debate: Why Joe Biden is winning

This lie stands in direct contrast with Biden, who conveyed humility in his willingness to admit fault in his support for the 1994 crime bill and its far reaching consequences for Black and brown communities. Rather than insisting that he be exalted, Biden laid out specific plans to remedy these effects through federal reform of the justice system, including prison reform and seeking climate justice for Black and brown communities who disproportionately find themselves proximate to sources of pollution.

All aboard the malarkey express: Joe Biden tries to have it...

Sadly for the former vice president, he can run as many times for president as he likes (three, and counting!), but he will never be able to run far enough away from his record. It was abundantly clear from this debate that he is trying to have it both ways by flip-flopping more than my sandals across the Fate Bridge to the Student Center. The president won this debate.

On the chopping block: Healthcare, Roe v. Wade, marriage equality

It’s clear that they are more committed to the confirmation of Barrett than they are to the millions of Americans suffering in this pandemic.

The argument for Amy Coney Barrett

I’m a Catholic and a Republican (in that order), and I am overjoyed that a brilliant woman like Amy Coney Barrett will be joining the Supreme Court of the United States. Her textualist and originalist approach to interpreting the law— understanding the Constitution and other documents as they are written and were understood when adopted— is important to preserving stability in our judiciary and is a critical protection for the rule of law.

Actually the fly won: Analyzing the vice presidential debate

Let us not propel a false reality, devoting ourselves to a false prophet that threatens our precious American democracy.

Coping with the other impact of Covid-19: mental health challenges

From a psychiatric standpoint our current challenges go far beyond coronavirus. Of course, Covid-19 is a big deal, but what will be left in its wake? We must also be focused on the pandemic’s mental health impact.

Rediscovering small comforts

Entering the pandemic, I had no idea what to do with all of the newfound time on my hands.

Let’s talk about Kyle Rittenhouse

One carries a simple handgun for protection, but a person who carries the long, inconvenient, sizable AR-15 assault rifle that Rittenhouse had, appears to be a premeditated act more than a precaution.

What does defunding the police mean?

Whatever law enforcement body is to exist in our country, it needs to be one with more training than today’s police officers.

Never Forget: Remembering 9/11

Maybe tragedies like 9/11 can not only serve as moments to honor the lives that were lost, but as reminders to appreciate every single human being who has touched your life.

The Power of Organizing

In the light of George Floyd’s untimely, cold-blooded murder, social media helped spread the horrific news.