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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

A letter from faculty regarding Professor Ravicher

We write as faculty members of the University of Miami School of Law to address the recent public statements of Dan Ravicher, who currently teaches a University of Miami Law School practicum.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the COVID-era can be tricky but possible

If we forget the materialistic gains and the capitalistic outlook that has permeated the meaning of Valentine’s Day, we can find that this day can be one of healing.

When I can get the vaccine, I’ll take it

A community cannot function correctly with half of its population unwilling to follow emergency guidelines as that community faces serious hardship.

On asexuality, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and representation

How hypocritical of us all to deny the existence of someone’s sexuality simply because we can’t understand or relate.

Procrastination: Is it really just laziness?

We’ve all been in this situation before: It’s the weekend, and you have tons of homework to do. But you put it off and you continually do so until it’s hours away from the due date, and now you feel terrible because you’re nowhere near done.

Professor Ravicher responds to criticism of his social media posts

Congrats to the warriors of cancel culture that infect higher education today.

Quarantoon No. 2: ‘I’m smart, you’re dumb’

Cartoon by Rohama Bruk

Through the eyes of an apprentice: COVID-19 and the medical student...

To healthcare professionals across all disciplines: now is the time to talk to medical students about what’s going on. We are listening to you.

Dear admin: To stop the spread, we have to stop enabling...

The situation is dire and can get so much worse. With so many more students back on campus, there is a higher risk for infection and a higher need for responsibility.

Unpaid internships perpetuate inequality

Having to choose between gaining experience and making money is not a decision students should be balancing in a society as advanced as ours.

Why is the university blaming students for its own error?

What has been particularly frustrating in the ensuing events since the TikTok video surfaced for me has been the administration’s quick blaming of students.

A senior’s perspective on the global pandemic

I’ve lived in Miami my whole life and it’s shocking and deeply unsettling to see such a bustling city entirely stop in its tracks.