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Sunday, October 24, 2021

SEPA faces criticism over “What Matters to U” speaker John Kasich

“[Kasich] doesn’t really represent anyone, which is good in some cases, but probably not in an academic setting where what matters to students should be prioritized.”

Senate recap: First Senate meeting of 2020 kicks off semester

January 15th's meeting included swearing-ins, impactful initiatives and updates on actions filed in the fall.

World champion Megan Rapinoe on fighting for justice, changing the game

Marked by her hot pink hair and magnetic swagger, Megan Rapinoe, soccer superstar, spoke to students at the University of Miami on Thursday, Oct 10., about her career and her fight for justice.

Going green: The Rat introduces eco-friendly alternatives

"Changes both big and small need to be made now. Our daily living practices need to be eco-friendly, and we can’t live sustainably if we keep business as usual, eating meat and drinking from single-use plastic at the Rat."

Megan Rapinoe to speak at ‘What Matters to U’

“I was excited when I heard she was coming,” he said. “I’m not a huge sports fan, but I watched the World Cup, and we need to support women’s sports and their fight for equality.”

U First looks back on its accomplishments

After a year of hard work and countless meetings, the U First executive ticket members completed their term with lessons learned and campaign promises fulfilled.

Empower U wins Student Government election

This election had the highest voter turnout in the history of any UM Student Government election.

Student Government ticket profiles

The 2019 Student Government executive tickets explain their plans to improve the student experience.

Student government executive ticket debate outlines issues, confirms support from students

"This debate provided the opportunity for students to meet the candidates and hear from them personally what they hope to change about the UM experience."

New SG recommendation bill seeks to make getting to the polls...

Ashlyn Coleman, the SG chair of academic affairs, said the bill is intended to promote civic engagement on campus and is in no way forcing professors to cancel class.

Newly inaugurated SG president discusses plans for future

Evan De Joya was officially inaugurated as UM Student Government's president earlier this month. Here's what his plans are for next year.

No more rolled up toilet paper: SG trial initiative places free...

In the trial run, temporary dispensers filled with twenty tampons and 10 sanitary pads have been placed in eight locations across campus.