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Friday, September 17, 2021

Get Out The Vote seeks to mobilize student voters

"I feel like a lot of people don’t realize that their decision to vote or not to vote affects other people more than just themselves”

UM community reacts to the Mueller investigation

“We should not have to rely solely on the summary prepared by President Trump’s attorney general,” he said, noting the nuanced language of the letter. “The report should be released and released quickly.”

Governor announces appointment of UM law school alumnae to judicial court

“I was confident that they had the integrity, the intellect, the appreciation of the important role that judges play, but also the limited role that judges play, as well as an appreciation for the separation of powers,” said DeSantis.

UM community reacts to State of the Union address

"Personally, I was surprised to hear the bipartisan undertones of the president’s remarks," said, Kinnon McGrath, president of the UM College Democrats.

Students reflect on Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting one year later

“How the baby boomers remembered the Vietnam protests of 1969, I’m certain that's how generations raised throughout the 2000s will remember Parkland.”

Political developments in Venezuela: The University of Miami responds

“It consumes my thoughts every day.”

Effects of the government shutdown felt at UM

“It’s immoral that politicians are getting paid when hard-working people like TSA are not,” said UM trustee Jonathan McAndrews.

New SG recommendation bill seeks to make getting to the polls...

Ashlyn Coleman, the SG chair of academic affairs, said the bill is intended to promote civic engagement on campus and is in no way forcing professors to cancel class.

Parkland survivors share stories, encourage activism

Zeif recounted the sound of gunshots rattling through the hallways, which sent students scattering to nearby classrooms.

Canes gather to watch midterm election results

The tension in the room was almost palpable, and caused several students to stress-eat as they watched the election unfold on the TV screens.

Live Election Day coverage

Polls were open across Florida from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nov. 6. Voters showed up to cast their ballots and make their voices...

Meet the candidates

A who's-who guide to the upcoming election