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Rep. Donna Shalala offers her take on coronavirus pandemic

Congresswoman Donna Shalala, a public health expert herself, has been outspoken during the coronavirus pandemic, calling for better leadership from President Donald Trump, as well as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

UM student from Nevada offers her take on caucus results

UM’s only student from Nevada shared her views on the results and commented on the race at large in the wake of Sanders' commanding win.

Canes in office: Current South Florida mayors who attended the U

Former UM administrator Sally Philips was recently elected to mayor of South Miami. She joins eight other Cane who are currently running South Florida cities.

Former UM administrator elected South Miami mayor

Sally Philips, former chair of South Miami’s Planning Board, handily defeated her opponents to become South Miami’s next mayor.

UM Prepares for the Florida Democratic primary

On March 17, election season will officially arrive here in Florida, and students at the University of Miami are preparing themselves to take part in the democratic process. With the Florida Democratic primary only a month away, some Canes have already made up their minds while others have not.

New Hampshire native reacts to Democratic primary

Sen. Bernie Sanders narrowly defeated South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar in the New Hampshire primary.

Hurricanes aim to make South Miami a better place, run for...

If either of the two University of Miami alumni, Mark Lago and Lina Sierra, are successful in their bid to become the next mayor of South Miami, they would join eight other Canes who currently are running South Florida cities.

Venezuelan students reflect on one year with Guaidó

A year since Guaidó’s leadership spurred hundreds of protests throughout Venezuela to demand change, Maduro remains in power, and last month he began the second year of his second six-year term.

Impeachment inquiry developments spark continued debate

Members of the UM community weighed in on the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Students divided over Democratic presidential candidates

“There are far too many candidates on stage, and each are only given enough time to give a memorized spiel about President Trump, or to take a whack at one of the other candidates,” Corde said. “When I watch the debates, I’m expecting to be able to understand what all of their positions are, but I feel like that just hasn’t happened yet.”

Guilty or innocent: UM reacts to Trump impeachment inquiry

Varying viewpoints sprung up around UM’s campus last week after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that House Democrats would move forward with an official impeachment inquiry against Trump.

UM celebrates National Voter Registration Day

“We’ve been surprised by the number of students who have registered. Practically everyone who has passed by us has registered or at least have asked how to register in their own state.”