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Faculty respond to increase in campus density, rise in COVID cases

There are 14,920 students on campus this spring, 1,200 more than in the fall semester. As more students are welcomed back to campus, there have been a spike in COVID cases. Students and faculty discuss the implications of increased campus density. 

UM students win $3,000 for Sandler Center in PSA competition

UM students Julia Hecht and Julie Erhardt won $3,000 to support UM’s drug education and prevention efforts, the ability to attend the Drug Enforcement Administration's strategies conference and a plaque commemorating their achievements.

As fraternity parties continue across Miami, police departments struggle to hold...

Reports of large social gatherings are also non-emergency, which means police officers won’t respond as quickly if it were an emergency situation. Nonetheless, police officers still need to see the behavior. As a result, if a report is made and police arrive after the party, there is nothing that can be done.

Remote students return to campus: ‘I appreciate so much more’

“I have to accept that this is the way that the world is going to be for a while and I can’t put my life on hold forever.”

1,500 COVID-19 cases later, faculty and administration disagree over ‘successful’ fall...

According to the New York Times, University of Miami had the 46th most cases out of more than 1,900 schools they tracked. As UM has continued to promote the semester as a success, many faculty disagree.

Chinese students express mixed reactions towards UM administration’s efforts

“Either the government needs to implement more strong policies, or people need to increase their awareness of the virus in order to better control the virus."

2020 Year in Review: UM community reflects on its challenges amid...

The University of Miami endured a tumultuous year of surprises and hurdles: from responding to the coronavirus pandemic to implementing new health practices, to adapting to society's new normal.

Last day for Farmers’ Market this semester

The outdoor market near the Richter Library will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. today before closing for winter break.

On day of deadline, 3,413 UM students still have not gotten...

9,433 students have received their seasonal flu vaccine, while another 3,413 have not according to UM.

UM passes 1,000 COVID cases

With one week of in-class instruction remaining, the University of Miami passed 1,000 cases of Covid-19.

‘Mask-erade’ art project aims to shed light on the Covid-19 pandemic

“It is a way for us to do something and influence how people behave on-campus and off-campus and try to protect our health and those around us,” said Scylla Blervacq, a senior majoring in health science, who is also a student in the socially-engaged art class and participated in the “mask-erade.”

Students express concerns over UM Law professor’s Twitter account

University of Miami School of Law professor Daniel Ravicher began tweeting his views on Twitter in support of Trump, which included accusing the Democrats of cheating by deliberately stopping votes.