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Friday, July 30, 2021

UM student creates virtual museum showcasing rich history of Black leadership

“I want this museum to be not a substitution for a Black space on campus, but a prototype of something on campus where other students can see Black excellence," said Taylor Washington, the junior engineering student responsible for the exhibit.

Meet DillBoss, the 21-year-old St. Louis native with a mission to...

A self-driven artist signed to Cane Records, Frost School of Music’s student-run record label, his love for music motivates him to balance his academics with the pursuit of his dreams.

“Hair Love” celebrates Black hair, the Black family

There are more than enough stories about Black suffering, but “Hair Love” shifts the conversation by showcasing Black people simply existing, and being happy while doing it.

‘Glance!’ app makes dating exciting again

Many any essential social interactions and budding romances in college have been uprooted by the pandemic. Today, dating apps are shaping students’ daily lives and seem to be the only answer to finding the “one."

Thank you, Alex Trebek: A tribute to the late ‘Jeopardy!’ host

Trebek did not demand the attention of his viewers for a half hour nightly; rather, he earned it.

‘The Real Surreal’ to bring works of Salvador Dali to Miami

With Art Basel cancelled this year, “The Real Surreal” aims to bring culture to the community as an escape from the hardships of 2020. Each work in the show is meant to represent hope and survival during this trying time.

Beaux Arts goes digital amid Covid-19 pandemic

“Covid has wreaked havoc on us, but we are savvy, and we can adjust very easily and still make lemonade out of lemons,” said Wendy Levitz, co-president of Beaux Arts.

TikTok, Cardi B and voter registration: How politicians are turning to...

Although social media is just one factor, it has played a great role in motivating people to go to the polls or send their mail-in ballots. Most importantly, it has inspired voters all over the country to participate in democracy and ensure their voices are heard.

How to stay spooky during Covid-19

There are less than two weeks before Oct. 31, and some of us are still trying to figure out ways in which we can somehow stay spooky despite the coronavirus pandemic. Well, worry not.

A covid-friendly, wallet-friendly guide to Halloween costumes

Covid-19 has stripped a lot of fun out of 2020, but I, for one, do not intend to let it steal Halloween, too.

‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Posey becomes most recent celebrity to join...

In less than a day, he had over 4,000 subscribers. In one week, he had accumulated over 13k likes.

A very merry (and inclusive) Christmas, thanks to Lifetime

The network, a long-time competitor of holiday movie maven Hallmark, has emerged with an exciting (and somewhat unexpected) Christmas miracle—its first LGBTQ holiday movie.