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Best of Miami Part 2

Best of Miami Part 2

Best of Miami Part 5

Mansion Only one club can lay claim to being People magazine’s designated “Miami’s Hottest Club,” and Mansion seems to have more than earned this title....

Best of Miami Part 6

Best Boutique: Blush boutique No matter what the occasion, Blush Boutique will always have the right accessories and outfits to keep students looking fabulous. From...

Best Of Miami Part 1

Best of Miami Part 1

Best of Miami Part 3

Whip N’ Dip Whip N’ Dip is a small 1980’s mom and pop shop that attracts customers with thick and creamy ice cream and custom-made...

Best of Miami Part 4

Miami’s Best: Gay Club Located in the heart of Downtown Miami’s entertainment district, Discotekka welcomes gay and lesbian guests to party in their alcohol-friendly...