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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Student Government makes way through list of initiatives

Each year, Student Government (SG) has a long list of initiatives to complete in order to make the University of Miami experience better for all...

Sybrina Fulton speaks to UM about getting involved in social justice...

“We need to groom our young people now, and I put all of my faith in the young people."

Virtual Student Government Inauguration welcomes new leaders via Zoom

The inductees, wearing suits and dresses, appeared on a checkerboard of mini screens and all in unison raised their hands in front of digital backgrounds reading “Student Government Inauguration” and recited their oaths of office.

Megan Rapinoe to speak at ‘What Matters to U’

“I was excited when I heard she was coming,” he said. “I’m not a huge sports fan, but I watched the World Cup, and we need to support women’s sports and their fight for equality.”

Vice president runoff election makes history

Gelman will join president-elect Abigail Adeleke and treasurer-elect Amanda Rodriguez of the “All In” campaign. This is the first time in history that the University of Miami student government will be led by three females.

Sunset Place shuttle route extended to Dadeland

A  Saturday Hurry Canes shuttle to Dadeland is now up and running, thanks to a Student Government initiative. The shuttle stops at Dadeland after Publix...

Campaign violations delay executive results, senators announced

Although Student Government did not announce the winners of the executive ticket on Thursday because of pending trials, they announced the winners of various Senate seats. The winners are as follows.

UM junior breaks gender, race barriers in student government

Three years ago, Abigail Adeleke joined student government as part of an inside joke amongst her closest friends. On April 7, she will officially take office as the first black student government president since 2015 as part of the University of Miami’s first all-female executive branch.

World champion Megan Rapinoe on fighting for justice, changing the game

Marked by her hot pink hair and magnetic swagger, Megan Rapinoe, soccer superstar, spoke to students at the University of Miami on Thursday, Oct 10., about her career and her fight for justice.

SEPA faces criticism over “What Matters to U” speaker John Kasich

“[Kasich] doesn’t really represent anyone, which is good in some cases, but probably not in an academic setting where what matters to students should be prioritized.”

ECO Agency plans to implement LED lighting in new buildings

With glaring statistics pointing to humans as the cause of environmental pollution, the Energy & Conservation Organization (ECO) Agency is ready to do their...

Executive Board amends constitution, adds new council

On Thursday, the day after the new Student Government’s (SG) inauguration, the SG’s Executive Board issued the second press release of its term to...