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Possible senate seat for student employees to open

“This year there have been multiple instances of student employees not feeling satisfied with various aspects of their employment or how their duties shifted with the pandemic."

Campaign violations delay executive results, senators announced

Although Student Government did not announce the winners of the executive ticket on Thursday because of pending trials, they announced the winners of various Senate seats. The winners are as follows.

‘The Uproar’ heads into election season with little competition

The University of Miami Student Government elections are underway. For the executive branch, The Uproar ticket is the only full ticket running this year and features three Student Government veterans. They are competing against two independent candidates. The legislative elections are filled with 19 candidates, eight of which are competing for the Herbert Business School senate seat.

Sybrina Fulton speaks to UM about getting involved in social justice...

“We need to groom our young people now, and I put all of my faith in the young people."

Sybrina Fulton announced as What Matters to U speaker

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin and political activist, will be the fifth speaker in the series, this time to be held digitally.

Virtual Student Government Inauguration welcomes new leaders via Zoom

The inductees, wearing suits and dresses, appeared on a checkerboard of mini screens and all in unison raised their hands in front of digital backgrounds reading “Student Government Inauguration” and recited their oaths of office.

UM junior breaks gender, race barriers in student government

Three years ago, Abigail Adeleke joined student government as part of an inside joke amongst her closest friends. On April 7, she will officially take office as the first black student government president since 2015 as part of the University of Miami’s first all-female executive branch.

Vice president runoff election makes history

Gelman will join president-elect Abigail Adeleke and treasurer-elect Amanda Rodriguez of the “All In” campaign. This is the first time in history that the University of Miami student government will be led by three females.

Student government election results present chance for split ticket

After two and a half weeks of campaigning and 3,290 votes cast, there is currently no complete student government executive ticket that will be taking office later this spring.

Student Government candidates vie for votes on final day of elections

As student government elections come to a close, executive ticket candidates are doubling down their campaign efforts to gain as many votes as possible before the impending midnight deadline.

Your guide to the 2020 Student Government Election

The student government executive ticket elections at the University of Miami begin Monday, Feb. 17 and will run through Thursday, Feb. 20. This year, there are three candidates running for president. Abigail Adeleke and Randy Fitzgerald, the speaker and speaker pro tempore of the student senate, are running on opposing campaigns, competing to make their respective visions of campus a reality. Andrés Escandón is running an independent campaign for president while Asher Walker is running as an independent candidate for vice president.

SEPA faces criticism over “What Matters to U” speaker John Kasich

“[Kasich] doesn’t really represent anyone, which is good in some cases, but probably not in an academic setting where what matters to students should be prioritized.”