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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Spotty Wi-Fi connection causes concern for on-campus students

Since the first week of classes, students are complaining about the “unreliableness” of “CaneNet Wireless,” the student Wi-Fi network across campus.

UM professor and creator of EpiPen discusses entrepreneurship, career advice

Professor Rick Toren invented the EpiPen, Holter monitor and led several successful business ventures. Now, he's sharing his expertise with students at UM.

UM’s underground lab: Are clear fish a clue to understanding Autism?

“Zebrafish, as a model organism, allow the scientific community to explore the uniqueness of marine model organisms compared to their terrestrial counterparts."

Miami listed as finalist for Amazon’s HQ2

Amazon released the list of its 20 finalists in competition to house the company's second headquarters. The City of Miami was one of them.

UM professors create new way to gather scientific data: mobile games

"Blues and Reds" may look like an ordinary mobile game but on the back end, it's collecting users' decision making patterns to be used as research.

New app encourages greener transportation habits

Students chatting as they walk through the tree-lined Coral Gables streets. A jam session between friends on a long carpool to campus. A breezy...

Where to (safely) view today’s solar eclipse

In case you haven't heard, there's a solar eclipse happening today. An eclipse of this kind – with a path of totality from coast...

$100 million for Frost Institutes will support interdisciplinary STEM, expanded facilities

During his January 2016 inauguration ceremony, University of Miami President Julio Frenk announced a $100 million donation by longtime donors Dr. Phillip and Patricia...

NASA scientist Matt Melis visits rockets club

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8-zNalpJ4k&feature=youtu.be NASA scientist Dr. Matt Melis visited University of Miami on Friday and provided engineering students with a presentation on the 30 years of the...

Biscayne Bay Drift Card launch aims to gather data on climate...

More than twenty researchers and students threw colorful, data-collecting “drift cards” from onboard the F.G. Walton Smith docked at the Rosenstiel School of Marine...

School of Architecture builds smart city in Yucatán Peninsula

The University of Miami’s School of Architecture (SoA) and the Center for Computational Science (CCS) will be collaborating with IT leaders in the Yucatán to create...

We Robot conference discusses legal, policy issues in robotics

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTFLBG19kmM&feature=youtu.be Professors and engineers flew in from all over the world for the fifth annual We Robot conference. The conference on legal and policy issues...