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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Frost student receives national recognition from Ecuadorian government

"Fabian has a natural instinct for conducting, and he’s very musical, which means when he waves his arms around, you can feel the music coming out of him.”

UM junior breaks gender, race barriers in student government

Three years ago, Abigail Adeleke joined student government as part of an inside joke amongst her closest friends. On April 7, she will officially take office as the first black student government president since 2015 as part of the University of Miami’s first all-female executive branch.

School of Engineering welcomes Dean Jean-Pierre Bardet

President Julio Frenk and a new class of students are not the only fresh arrivals at the University of Miami campus this fall. On...

Drake surprised her with $50,000: Getting to know Destiny James

She's more than just the girl who received a $50,000 scholarship from Drake. Destiny James had the odds stacked against her for most of her life, and when tragedy struck her freshman year, it didn't get easier. Yet she used motivation and inner strength to persevere through all of it.

Entrepreneur builds tribal-inspired hat company

Junior Ben Birns is responsible for the crop of colorful rimmed hats from Peru that have been sprouting up around campus. This summer he...

Author, UM alumna Ann Levine to demystify law school admission process

Author, law school admissions expert and University of Miami alumna Ann Levine will return to campus Wednesday. Levine, who founded Law School Expert, a law...

Conductor drums up energy for Band of the Hour

For senior Julia Klingner, being a part of the University of Miami's Band of the Hour is more than a commitment to performing during sports games....

Alexandra Martinez brings experience, ‘non-stop energy’ to UMPD

“You get to be a social worker, a psychologist, a counselor,” said UMPD Crime Prevention Officer Alexandra Martinez on the meaning of police work. “You get to be a superhero.”

Boston Globe reporter to visit UM to film documentary

The Boston Globe reporter David Abel will be the visiting Knight Chair in journalism at the University of Miami during fall 2016 in order...

GSA president sets sights on program overhaul

While medical students have their own campus, and law students their own building, the 3,267 students in the UM Graduate School do not have...

Veteran student discusses his journey of service

In the aftermath of 9/11, Belliard knew he was going to enlist in the military before he even graduated high school. “I had my mom sign off on the delayed entry program, which meant that as soon as I graduated I was going to join the forces.”

Let’s Be Frenk: perfect day, necessary books

President Julio Frenk is getting to know the University of Miami through his “100 Days of Listening” tour leading up to his inauguration on...