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UM professors discuss claims of voter fraud

“There is no credible evidence of voter fraud. Period.”

Florida 2020 Recap: Former UM President Donna Shalala loses House seat

Democrats in Florida lost big on Election Day, with the state moving firmly to the right in elections for president and Congress, including an unexpected unseating of South Florida Reps. Donna Shalala (D-27) and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-26).

UM College Republicans members make racist comments during club meeting

A viral social media post shows screenshots of University of Miami College Republicans making racist comments during a club meeting via Zoom directed at Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris on the eve of the election.

Election 2020: How U voted

We’re taking the pulse of the campus to share your thoughts and experiences about voting in what has been called one of the most contentious and pivotal presidential elections in U.S. political history.

‘I’m pro choice. Pick your gun’: Political signs on campus spark...

“Not a lot of people feel comfortable voicing their opinions on campus, and we kind of wanted to have a big broad flashy advertising for them, and I mean, as you can tell, it worked spectacularly."

Election season puts strain on personal relationships

“I guess I didn’t really know how big of an impact it was going to have on my relationships with people because up until then, politics wasn’t really something I cared about,” Jagolinzer said. “In high school, once I realized I was queer, I started to realize that that was my life that they were talking about, so I have to have a stance.”

How young people’s social media use is shifting during election year

Political and social-justice-related content is ramping up, coming from not only more politicians on Instagram, but from YouTube influencers, lifestyle bloggers, fitness models, as well.

Harris vs. Pence: Students share their views on the vice presidential...

This year’s election pits two of the oldest candidates in U.S. history against each other, with President Donald Trump being 74-years-old and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 77, giving added significance to each party’s nomination for vice president. Senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Vice

Guide to 2020 state and local elections

While this November’s election is largely known for the two presidential candidates, there are still many important races and propositions that can be voted on in the 27th Congressional District of Florida.

After Trump poster defaced on campus, Frenk decries vandals’ actions

A Trump poster was hung on campus and promptly defaced. The poster being defaced was met with mixed reactions from students across campus. One vandal was tracked down by the University of Miami Police Department and the actions have been publicly denounced by Julio Frenk.

Absentee voting: Why it’s so important

Whether they live in Florida or not, UM students will be relying on absentee and mail-in ballots to cast their votes due to the logistics of going to school away from their home state and because of the pandemic.

Climate change: An everlasting issue as 2020 election nears

“Especially in Miami where climate and climate change are playing such a role even in day-to-day life, I think it’s one of the biggest issues that could be on the ballot in the upcoming election,” Arcodia said.