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Delta Gamma chapter ceased following allegations of violating UM alcohol, hazing...

The university is looking into alleged hazing.

Frats continue to party despite Covid-19

“I was at Sig Chi...People literally had to like squeeze on top of each other to walk by,” said an anonymous student. This student is one of multiple who have described parties hosted by fraternities across Miami on a weekly basis.

Two fraternities ordered to cease operations, suspensions probable

Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha, commonly referred to as Sig Chi and Pike, have been ordered to cease operations and are facing probable suspension, according to administration.

Students describe toxic culture within Greek Life during COVID-19

The culture in Greek Life to party during COVID-19 is so pervasive that it has resulted in some members completely pulling away and losing respect for people they once considered close friends.

As fraternity parties continue across Miami, police departments struggle to hold...

Reports of large social gatherings are also non-emergency, which means police officers won’t respond as quickly if it were an emergency situation. Nonetheless, police officers still need to see the behavior. As a result, if a report is made and police arrive after the party, there is nothing that can be done.

News Briefs 2/22: Engineering Week, Greek Week

Engineering Week The University of Miami Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers kicked off Engineering Week with the U-Hack 24-hour Hackathon that ran from Saturday...

Rumors plague sorority house concerns

The question of having sorority houses at UM is one that has been answered with many rumors throughout the years. The most salacious of these...

Pi Kappa Alpha approved to return to campus in spring 2018

In December 2016, Pi Kappa Alpha chose to close its chapter at the University of Miami after a flurry of scandals and risk management...

Kappa Kappa Gamma suspension decision reversed

The decision to suspend the University of Miami chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity for two years was reversed Wednesday, according to a prepared...

Pike fraternity may jeopardize chance of returning in 2017

Camouflage-clad University of Miami students at a party in Brickell were the subjects of a video posted by an account called Miami Parties on...

ZBT’s national charter revoked following social policies investigation

“During our investigation, it became clear that the ZBT chapter blatantly violated these policies. We value our 73-year partnership with the ZBT fraternity, and we therefore support their decision to close the chapter at this time.”

Four UM fraternities placed on social probation after illicit party

“Any organization who was found responsible for violating regulations will be held responsible," said Steven Priepke, senior associate dean of students and the founding father of UM's chapter of SAE.