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UM Greek Life continues charitable work in times of COVID

Following intensive fundraising efforts during Greek Week 2021 and a month of additional activities to support their various philanthropies and causes, University of Miami fraternities and sororities are celebrating their successes.

3 frats suspended, 1 removed from campus

These mark the first suspensions of the semester after months of partying by Greek Life organizations.

Another weekend, another party. Yet, no suspensions from administration and few...

“The administration knows what we are doing and they just don’t care:" Greek Life keeps partying, some faculty become frustrated with lack of discipline.

Phi Delt and AEPi ordered to cease operations, others continue to...

After weeks of partying and UM acknowledging high numbers of Covid-19 cases within the Greek Community, two fraternities are under investigation. Others that have repeatedly partied during the semester are still in "good standing" according to the Dean of Students office.

As fraternity parties continue across Miami, police departments struggle to hold...

Reports of large social gatherings are also non-emergency, which means police officers won’t respond as quickly if it were an emergency situation. Nonetheless, police officers still need to see the behavior. As a result, if a report is made and police arrive after the party, there is nothing that can be done.

Students describe toxic culture within Greek Life during COVID-19

The culture in Greek Life to party during COVID-19 is so pervasive that it has resulted in some members completely pulling away and losing respect for people they once considered close friends.

Fraternities host massive pool parties as COVID cases surge at UM

Nothing stops a Miami frat party — not a deadly pandemic and certainly not the administration. 

UM welcomes new sorority Pi Beta Phi

The University of Miami is opening its doors to a new sorority this semester.

Sig Chi suspended, Pike on probation following Covid-19 violations

Looks like the party is over. The punishments for Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha are the first reported punishments for fraternities at UM in violation of the university's Covid-19 protocols barring parties of any kind.

Two fraternities ordered to cease operations, suspensions probable

Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha, commonly referred to as Sig Chi and Pike, have been ordered to cease operations and are facing probable suspension, according to administration.

Frats continue to party despite Covid-19

“I was at Sig Chi...People literally had to like squeeze on top of each other to walk by,” said an anonymous student. This student is one of multiple who have described parties hosted by fraternities across Miami on a weekly basis.

Omega Psi Phi promotes values, black culture

“I feel like a lot of times in this life, it is easy to make superficial friends or people who we don’t trust, and it is really hard to find a genuine bond. To have the security with my fraternity brothers, no matter what is going on, I will always have people who are there for me—support me, mentally, emotionally, financially and physically.”