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Monday, October 3, 2022

How Hurricanes handle hurricane season

For many University of Miami students, the promise of sunny skies and endless beach days is a dream come true. But in a land where fur sweaters are obsolete and tank tops might as well be the statewide uniform, it can be easy to forget about the more unfavorable side of South Florida’s climate: hurricanes. As incoming residents of the ‘Sunshine State,’ it’s more important now than ever–to be prepared and informed for when a hurricane is at UM’s door.

UThrift models ‘reuse the runway’ at 2nd annual fashion show

“Shopping second hand is stylish, it's not just a way to save money and help the environment,” said Coon, the group’s president.

Lake Osceola a changing, complex landmark

Each day, thousands of students walk past Lake Osceola on their way to class, yet few take the time to appreciate the diversity and...

Haitian-American students react to hurricane devastation, plan volunteer effort

More than 100 people in Haiti are dead as a result of Hurricane Matthew, and that number is expected to go up, according to Haitian...

BikeSafe program’s week of bicycling emphasizes greener methods of traveling

In an effort to transform South Florida into an eco-friendly hub that promotes greener transportation methods, the University of Miami BikeSafe program is teaming...

Advocacy groups, UM students protest outside G.O.P. debate

With the nation’s attention turned toward the Republican Presidential Primary debate at the University of Miami on Thursday, crowds of protesters marched around the school's campus to voice...

Students can play the Sustainable Development Goals Game to create more...

Koru Consulting Limited is running a workshop in which participants explore how the world can achieve sustainable goals through persuasive gameplay designed to change players’ interests, activities and opinions.

Some UM affiliates from New Jersey and New York avoid worst...

“As the videos began to come in from social media, I felt PTSD from Hurricane Sandy,” said Isaiah Moore, a freshman at UM. “When hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, it was bad for my area and we lost power for almost two weeks with no food to last.”

Sewage, dangerous bacteria are entering oceans, closing Miami beaches

“I think it’s important that something is done about all this bacteria being found,” said Emma Rodriguez, a freshman majoring in communications. "The beach is one of my favorite places and something we should ensure is safe for everyone to enjoy.”

Back-to-back hurricanes ravage UM students’ home countries

For most University of Miami students who reside in the United States, the main concern in anticipation of Hurricane Irma was evacuate and safety...

Gifford Arboretum grows despite setbacks

A Category 4 hurricane wasn't the only obstacle to plague the John C. Gifford Arboretum over the past year.

UM students affected, devastated by Australian wildfires

The Australian bushfires have been utterly devastating. The scope of the cataclysmic natural disaster has been record-breaking in many ways; Australia is being ravaged by the worst wildfires seen in decades.